Who is Matthew Gorney? Wisconsin cop purportedly plants drugs in Black man’s car in viral video

The police officer is now facing investigation by the Caledonia Police Department

                            Who is Matthew Gorney? Wisconsin cop purportedly plants drugs in Black man’s car in viral video
Screenshots from the viral video taken by Glockboy Savoo (Twitter/ @The_SavageRoom)

CALEDONIA, WISCONSIN: A police officer from Wisconsin is facing an investigation after being accused of planting drugs in a Black man’s car during a traffic stop Saturday afternoon, July 24. The Black man, who goes by Glockboy Savoo, has alleged that the cop threw a plastic bag of what seems to be drugs in the backseat of his vehicle.

Savoo shared the video of the encounter on Facebook and wrote, “First time ever seeing a cop try to throw sum on me just to get reason to search the car💯 I’m just a local music artist from Racine Wi 💯he ain’t even know I was recording 💯 you can tell he was nervous 💯 #trenchkidsworldwide.” The 14-second clip showed the man asking the officer, “what’s that? What did you just throw in here? I got you on camera bro.” The cop replied, “What’s what?” before adding: “I got you on camera, we’re all good.”


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Savoo then turned the camera towards the backseat showing the plastic bag the cop apparently put in the car. “Hey bro, you just threw that in here,” he told the cop. He then took to Twitter to share more about the episode. He said he was okay and was not put behind the bars, but added that he was thinking of taking legal action against the officer.


Who is Matthew Gorney?

The police officer in question has not been officially identified yet, but journalist Tariq Nasheed said on Twitter that the cop in the clip is Matthew Gorney. He tweeted, “A suspected race soldier named Officer Matthew Gorney from #Wisconsin  is allegedly caught on video appearing to plant drugs on an innocent Black male driver.”

Meanwhile, the Village of Caledonia Police Department issued a statement after the video went viral. The statement from Caledonia Police Department Chief Christopher Botsch read, “Earlier today, the Caledonia Police Department was made aware of a cell phone video that is circulating social media platforms depicting the actions of a Caledonia police officer. We were able to locate the call for service associated with the cell phone video. The Caledonia Police Department is conducting a comprehensive internal review of the incident.”

He added: “The complete review will take some time, but I have reviewed portions of the body-worn camera video. Please keep in mind that the cell phone video that is circulating depicts only a small portion of the entire encounter; whereas, all available video may provide more context. The Caledonia Police Department believes strongly in transparency; therefore, all body-worn camera video will be made available within the coming days. Please be patient, as there is a lot of information to review.”

People on social media have strong reactions over the incident. A person tweeted, “We have a serious problem with corrupt, racist, police violating black men…imagine if he didn’t record Ofc. #Cornet it he would be facing his whole life in prison #RecordthePolice #overturnterry #DomesticTerrorists #CaledoniaPD #PoliceAccountability #DirtyCops #ThinBlueLineGang.” The second one said, “That cop needs get the same sentence that he was trying to stitch the guy up with.” “This shit has been happening for DECADES!!!!! This man is just lucky to have caught it on camera,” a user added.