Who is Luis Antonio Campos? Viral video gets Texas man, 68, arrested for abandoning husky dog

In the heartbreaking video, a Jeep passenger can be seen leaving the husky by the side of the road in Horizon City, Texas, and riding away

                            Who is Luis Antonio Campos? Viral video gets Texas man, 68, arrested for abandoning husky dog
68-year-old Luis Antonio Campos arrested in the abandoned Husky case (El Paso PD/ Instagram: @ms.mojorising_)

EL PASO, TEXAS: A 68-year-old man got arrested on Friday, July 23, in connection with the abandonment of a husky dog on the side of a Horizon City road that was captured on video.

Luis Antonio Campos was taken into custody on suspicion of animal cruelty. He was booked into the El Paso County Jail on a $5,000 bond, officials said. According to the jail logs, he posted bail the same day. The arrest came after a video of a man abandoning a husky along a road went viral on the Internet. In the heartbreaking video posted this week, a Jeep passenger can be seen leaving the husky by the side of the road in Horizon City, Texas, and riding away. The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media.


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We have reported many incidents related to animal cruelty in the past. Last month, we reported that Anna Sandhu, ex-wife of MLK assassin James Earl Ray got arrested for keeping 44 dogs in a filthy home. Last year, we reported how a woman got home to find pet dog beheaded with missing front leg, says she is "struggling to sleep at night now." In another horrific incident a Louisiana pedophile allegedly sexually abused animals after cops trace child rape video to his IP address.

The probe into the abandonment of the husky remains active, officials said, adding that one more arrest in connection with the incident is expected. Campos is accused of being one of at least two people who on Tuesday left a husky dog on the side of the road in Horizon City. The video was posted by a woman on Instagram, saying, "I’m posting this again because it’s too severe of an issue not to. Not only is it a severe issue in El Paso….but it has become the norm. This heartbreaking scene is what happens day in and day out here. All those dogs y’all see me move out of state is for this exact reason because heartless people don’t think or care. They didn’t measure the responsibility that being a pet owner requires and instead of, again taking responsibility, and reaching out for help from a rescue they opt to dump their poor dog. I am disgusted, I am furious, and I am heartbroken. El Paso needs to DO BETTER." She further updated the post and tweeted, ** The person recording this video is a fellow dog rescuer as well. After recording she called El Paso Sheriffs Department, was given a case number, and secured the husky. The last time I was updated, the husky is safe at the sheriff’s department and will be taken in by Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue of El Paso."


In the video, a young man can be seen by a vehicle with the dog. The man then unleashes the dog, which then lies down by the man and the vehicle. Then a few seconds later, he gets back into the vehicle, which drives away. The dog is seen chasing the vehicle as it leaves him behind. An older man is seen in the video through the vehicle’s driver’s side mirror. It was later reported that the dog was rescued by a Pawsitive Rescuers of El Paso volunteer and put up for adoption through the nonprofit animal rescue organization Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue of El Paso.

The dog was adopted by a family Wednesday, July 21. The family named the dog, who is about 10 months old, Nanook. “They (the family) reached out and said they would love to give the puppy a wonderful home,” Barbara Valencia of Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue of El Paso said Thursday. “We vetted them very quickly. They passed all of the criteria and so they were able to pick him up yesterday.”

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at 915-832-4408 or 915-538-2185.