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Who is Lisa Wilson? Jets QB Zach Wilson offers mom money to quit Instagram, here's why

Lisa Wilson is the mother of New York Jets QB Zach Wilson and she recently posted a video saying Zach offered her money to leave Instagram
New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson and his mom Lisa Wilson (Mark Brown/Getty Images/ Twitter/ @reddawg77089)
New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson and his mom Lisa Wilson (Mark Brown/Getty Images/ Twitter/ @reddawg77089)

In a desperate bid to get his mother off Instagram, New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson incidentally offered to give her money. But Lisa Wilson says she can "take the heat" and is not going to surrender to internet trolls. She will continue making content for the social media app regardless of what anyone says. 

In a video shared on Friday, July 2, 2021, the rookie’s mother revealed that her 21-year-old son had offered her money to take down her Instagram account after she had to face a great deal of flak for her recent comments. The ridicule came following Lisa's rant that criticized the mask policy at Disney World back in May, which had even led to her temporarily making her account private. Apparently, Zach "can’t stand these people treating my mom like crap".


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Who is Lisa Wilson?

Lisa Wilson is the mother of the New York Jets QB. On Instagram, she runs a fairly popular lifestyle account named '@lifeaccording2lisa'. In the bio, Lisa writes, "Married 24 yrs, mother to 6 badass kids. Fitness Fanatic, intuitive cook, home builder, organizer of all sh*t, appropriately inappropriate." With over 32.8K followers, Lisa often shares videos about her life, fitness, motherhood, food, lifestyle and a lot more other things. 


Lisa also has another Instagram account named 'wilsonohana'. With over 9,662 followers, the IG account bio mentions, "FOLLOW MY ACTIVE ACCOUNT LIFEACCORDING2LISA," and the last post is from March last year. 


Lisa posted a video on her social media on Friday, July 2, and said, "People out there that think I embarrass my son — has he asked me to take down my social media? He has before. And he says ‘Mom, if it’s about money, I’ll give you money.’ I said ‘Zach, I don’t need your money,’" she said in her post.

She continued, "He says ‘Mom you don’t embarrass me but I can’t stand these people treating my mom like crap.’ And I said, ‘Zach, you know what? If you saw the messages that I receive every single day from women that started exercising again. Women that are learning to cook for the first time ever. Women that are changing their relationships with their husbands. Women that tell me that the only reason that they’re getting out of bed is because of my Instagram." She concluded, “The only thing that keeps them from taking a handful of pills is because something I said that day resonated with them. I refuse to abandon those people. I can take the heat. Bring it on.”

On social media, Lisa's perspective went viral but not in a positive way as the trolling did not stop. Many social media users are mocking her video on Twitter. "Wow..... she's her biggest fan," one user took a jab. Another user shared a sarcastic response, "I almost didn’t get out of bed this morning, until I saw this Instagram post. My life has been forever changed." Another user added, "She doubled down on the embarrassment."