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Who is Kristina Dukhina? Top Russian beauty queen faces 20 years in jail after drug bust

Dukhina was held by Russian police after she was found in possession of more than half a kilogram of mephedrone
Kristina Dukhina was reportedly held near her apartment in Moscow City's skyscraper district (Kristina_Dukhina87/Instagram)
Kristina Dukhina was reportedly held near her apartment in Moscow City's skyscraper district (Kristina_Dukhina87/Instagram)

Russian beauty queen and former Miss Dubai contestant Kristina Dukhina faces up to 20 years of jail time after she was detained as a suspected drug dealer. According to reports, the 34-year-old model agency owner was held near her apartment in Moscow City's skyscraper district.

The runner-up in the Miss Dubai 2019 contest and winner of the Russian Grand Prix Miss Federation, Dukhina, was held by Russian police after she was found in possession of more than half a kilogram of mephedrone. The mother of two is reportedly under investigation for preparation of the illegal drug for sale.


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Dukhina's last Instagram post was made on February 3, where she talked about leaving social media. "For the last 2.5 months, I have disappeared from social networks and also from the radar of even telephone communication with 90% of my already not numerous environment, but this decision of hermitage was made on the DR... I just did not remind anyone of myself, and even more so not to forget anyone with the apocalypse that is happening inside me," the post translated from Russian reads.

"The lack of complete understanding, I have inside, while there somewhere, to whom it is not clear, I prove something that has nothing to do with a PURE and HAPPY, CONSCIOUS life... walked and hurt many without even noticing. Boomerang is back!!! And I THANK GOD for everything, this fate-judge broke me up so that the world did not turn over, but disappeared. Killed me. Clearly and forever. I realized that all the people around are temporary moments of emotions, no one cares about you!" it further continues.


"That the goals 'at any cost' and the greedy desire to have what you DON'T need, leads to the fact that the bipolar girl is then fabulous, and fenlipsin and the narcologist's office become your 45th role with only one short film 'Chris's life', which no one knows about... [laughing face emoji] [face palm emoji]. In general, I am leaving social networks and I want to thank everyone who gave days and moments. I will take only loved ones to my sterile empty room of a new life: Mom, Dad, ex-husband (very dear, dear), and three children [okay hand emoji]," the post adds.

"The international competitions of such a level, in which I participated, are really exciting and very energy-intensive: a different country, a different mentality, all models are potential rivals, a huge number of people are involved in the filming. In the short time intervals between shooting and preparation, there is no time to think about fatigue, but the result of what you do is always important. This is probably why I won, and I hope my pupils will also strive to win and win. It's a good experience. Like military service for men," Dukhina told Caprice Magazine.


"Like athletes, those who have not aspired to become an Olympic champion since childhood are unlikely to win. After all, standing with a victorious cup under the flag of your country is sports happiness! Models should also have sports anger," she said. "It gives you the opportunity to use your merits in the social sphere and public life, to involve people who can and want to help those who need this help in children's and family projects for charitable purposes. And, as I said, this is a steel tempering of character," Dukhina added.