Who are King Khan and Saba Lou? German father-daughter duo sue Rihanna for lifting song and using in Fenty ad

The 32-year-old crooner apparently lifted a song without the singers' permission and used it in one of the Instagram clips to promote her brand

                            Who are King Khan and Saba Lou? German father-daughter duo sue Rihanna for lifting song and using in Fenty ad
Saba Lou and King Khan (Instagram/kingkhanandtheshrines & sabalouland), Rihanna (Getty Images)

Rihanna, who owns the lingerie company called Savage x Fenty and the make-up line Fenty Beauty, is being sued by a Germany based father-daughter duo King Khan and Saba Lou for using their song called ‘Good Habits (and Bad)’ without their permission. The 32-year-old crooner apparently lifted the song without their permission and used it in one of the Instagram clips to promote Fenty brand accessories. According to the lawsuit, as reported by TMZ, King Khan and Saba Lou claim that they created and own the music and the lyrics of their song. 


The court documents obtained by the gossip website, claim that the Barbadian singer did not have blessings of the father-daughter duo or any legal permission to use the tune. According to Khan and his daughter, Rihanna simply picked the song from a music streaming platform. The suit apparently also claims that they will sue the singer for damages after noting that the ad got more than 3.4 million views adding that they also want her to stop using the track.


A similar incident happened in October 2020 when RiRi faced a lot of heat from the Internet for using Islamic Hadith during a show of Fenty Beauty. The ‘Umbrella’ hitmaker was accused of allegedly disrespecting the values of Islam by using a song that had verses of the Hadith mixed into the beat. The song at the center of this controversy was called ‘Doom’ and had been created by a London-based producer named Coucou Chloe more than two years ago. The song has Islamic vocal samples from Hadith which apparently talks about the end of times and judgment day.

For the uninitiated, Hadith is a collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad which, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna). It constitutes the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Quran and therefore, is considered of utmost importance in their life. Rihanna had later apologized for the same.


Speaking of her latest case, Rihanna has not publicly commented and neither has she issued any apology yet through any of her social media accounts. If we speak about the Germany based father-daughter musician duo King Khan and Saba Lou, there has been no update from their end as well. King Khan, whose real name is Arish Ahmad Khan, is best known as the frontman of King Khan and the Shrines and for being one half of The King Khan & BBQ Show. In 2005, Khan made his first film soundtrack for ‘Schwarze Schafe’ and in 2016 he composed music for the film ‘Back To Nothing.’ 

If we speak about King Khan’s musician daughter Saba Lou, she started recording at the age of six. Born in 2000 in Germany, she first recorded a four-song single with her dad called ‘First Day of School’. It was co-released by the Atlanta labels Slaughterhaus and Rob's House Records. Speaking to Tidal about her introduction to music, she had said, “Probably around negative nine months starting from birth. It’s been around me since I can remember. ‘I was singing before I could talk,’ a vague rendition of a lyric from the divine movie 'Disco Dancer', sums it up pretty nicely. I got my guitar when I was about five, I still play her and she’s everyone’s favorite. Just a few days ago I was scratching off the thick layers of grime and fingertip grease from the frets that have collected over the past twelve years. I also went to a musical elementary school, so that’s where I learned some good basics, a little piano and some classic Spanish strumming. But there isn’t a defined date or anything; it was always around and encouraged.” 

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