How did Kevin Conroy die? Iconic voice of 'Batman' for generations dies at 66

How did Kevin Conroy die? Iconic voice of 'Batman' for generations dies at 66
Voice actor Kevin Conroy is dead at 66, confirms co-star Diane Pershing (Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Legendary voice artist Kevin Conroy has died confirmed his co-artist, Diane Pershing. The 66-year-old star is widely popular among fans for his legacy as the iconic voice behind Batman, and he was associated with the franchise for 30 years. It all started when he first played Bruce Wayne in 'Batman: The Animated Series' from 1992 to 1995, and secured himself as the first choice for DC Comics' following episodes.

Pershing wrote on her Facebook page, “Very sad news: our beloved voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, died yesterday. He’s been ill for a while but he really put in a lot of time at the cons, to the joy of all of his fans. He will be sorely missed not just by the cast of the series but by his legion of fans all over the world… RIP, friend.” According to Conroy's representative, Gary Miereanu also confirmed that he died on Thursday, November 10 after battling cancer, reported TMZ.


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Conroy’s fans are reacting on social media as they pay tribute to the legendary star. Pershing, the voice actress for Poison Ivy who broke the news first shared the discipline and dedication with which her co-actor used to work with, and was devoted to his fans as he continued to go to conventions even while he was sick. His last message to fans over Twitter was on Halloween, where he shared a selfie with his bat decoration in his very own Wayne style. “Happy Halloween! The Bats are out at Wayne Manor,” Conroy wrote.



Keeping his suffering to himself, he didn’t publicly talk about his deteriorating health, instead kept his social media platform to promote the character that defined his career, and vice versa. 

Conroy featured in several animated TV shows and movies over the years, and in the video games, 'Arkham Knight' and 'Arkham City'. His last appearance was in a classic part for a 2019 episode of 'Batwoman', reports The Gamer.

Conroy is survived by his husband Vaughn C Williams, sister Trisha Conroy, and brother Tom Conroy.

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