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'Below Deck' Season 10: Who is Katie Glaser? Deckhand gets into complicated boatmance with boss Ross McHarg

Katie Glaser revealed 'I think with me having a boat romance with' Ross McHarg 'my hardest thing was dealing with Alissa,'
Katie Glaser and Ross McHarg hit off together (Instagram/@kmglaser,@razzatime)
Katie Glaser and Ross McHarg hit off together (Instagram/@kmglaser,@razzatime)

RODNEY BAY, SAINT LUCIA: Season 10 of 'Below Deck' debuted on November 21, and one of the new cast members viewers met was new deckhand Katie Glaser. Longtime and new fans will get to watch an all-new crew aboard a new boat coasting along Saint Lucia's new site.

Following a lackluster 'Below Deck' Season 9, the producers are attempting to make this landmark season memorable. Katie was joined aboard the superyacht St David by returning 'Below Deck' captain Lee Rosbach, chef Rachel Hargrove, and newly appointed chief stew Fraser Olender. Deck and stew Camille Lamb, second and third stews Hayley De Sola Pinto and Alissa Humber, bosun Ross McHarg, and fellow deckhands Ben Willoughby and Tony Duarte round up the crew. According to Bravo, Katie, who will be embroiled in a lot of drama this season with her co-stars, is an exuberant yachtie anxious to show her worth.


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Who is Katie Glaser?

Katie, who was 31 at the time of filming, grew up in a caring and close-knit household. Being close to her dear ones from an early age aided her in developing a profound familial tie that she appreciates and maintains to this day. Katie also makes time in her hectic schedule to spend with her family, and her parents have always pushed her to strive for excellence. Surprisingly, a job in the yachting business was not always on her wish list, since she has had a varied professional background. After high school, she enrolled in the University of South Carolina, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections in 2014. Furthermore, while attending university, she worked as a bartender at various restaurants, gaining essential expertise in the hospitality business. Katie eventually got work as a promotional specialist with Greenhouse Agency, Inc. and Team Enterprises in 2012, which launched her professional career.

She then moved into Swire Coca-Cola, USA, as a Market Development Manager. Oddly, while working for Coca-Cola, she took up a second job as a bartender, which she continued to do even after joining Anheuser-Busch in June 2016. Katie began working as a bartender at Greater Denver Area's Temple Nightclub in 2017, while simultaneously serving as the Director of Business Solutions at The JPI Group. Katie also joined The Micc Group as Vice President of Marketing in December 2018.

According to sources, she fell in love with yachting after moving from Denver, Colorado, to Ft Lauderdale, Florida, and began seeking a career in the industry. She became an Operating Partner at Southern Yacht Management in May 2019 and launched her own charter firm, Lower Latitudes Yacht Charters, in September the same year. Katie, in addition to owning her business, works as the Chief Operating Officer for Yacht Parties Miami and as a Yacht Broker on the side.

Katie has a humble Instagram presence, despite her extensive resume in and out of yachting. The deckhand has nearly 5,000 followers and has posted over 500 photos of herself snorkeling, waterboarding and swimming. Despite the fact that she does not post regularly, her followers like the numerous beach photos on her profile.


A Love triangle involving the Boss

Deckhand Katie said that her boatmance with bosun Ross McHarg has evolved into a love triangle with Alissa Humber, the second stew. The 'Below Deck' Season 10 trailer showed Ross kissing multiple ladies aboard the yacht, which got him in a lot of problems, according to Katie. She described the boatmance as an exciting ride. "It was rocky! I felt like he was in the doghouse half the time," she said about Ross to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. "Because his behavior got him in trouble half the time. There is definitely an interesting love triangle," she added.

Having a boatmance is difficult enough, but Katie's was exacerbated by Alissa's interest in Ross. "I think with me having a boat romance with Ross … my hardest thing was dealing with Alissa … Ross and Alissa," she explained. "So, not that she’s a terrible person, but when it comes to boat romances, I’m worried about myself and she tries to take him from me," she noted. "That boat romance definitely had a fun twist," Katie said, adding, "When you’re working on a boat, that size, connecting with someone definitely makes work more fun."

“When you go after your boss, it can go two ways. They can end up really well or really bad,” she explained. "So, you make it what it is. Again, you realize that if something goes wrong on the boat, you are going to get reprimanded by your boss. But that’s the guy you’re hooking up with. So that dynamic, if it happens, gets a little awkward. But, I chose to go down that path, which was a fun, adventure," Katie added.

She also discussed what drew her to Ross. "Ross from the beginning when I first saw him, I was like, damn he’s cute," she revealed. "But it’s really his leadership. And that he is a boss figure. I think that kind of was super attractive to me. It’s kind of sexy to have someone that you look up to, that you know, is teaching you the ropes. But also, you have a connection with. He definitely had more of a boss figure that was attractive to me," Katie further added.

Most 'Below Deck' boatmances occur after the crew has consumed a substantial number of cocktails on one of the evenings out. Katie stated that 'Below Deck' Season 10 is no exception. "I think I got out of my head a little bit about the whole boat romance the more I drank," she explained. "So I think that’s one of the things that I could regret, just getting out of my head a little bit. But, things happen and you have to keep going. And I think it affected me a little bit more, on nights out when Ross would act like that," she remarked.


'Below Deck' Season 10 airs every Monday at 8 pm ET on Bravo, with new episodes airing the following day on Peacock.