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'Below Deck' Season 10: Fans slam Camille Lamb for diva-like behavior, say she's ‘gonna be a problem’

Camille Lamb thinks she is the 'life of the party' but fans have a different opinion
Camille Lamb in 'Below Deck' Season 10 (BravoTV)
Camille Lamb in 'Below Deck' Season 10 (BravoTV)

RODNEY BAY, SAINT LUCIA: 'Below Deck' Season 10 has finally set course as the crew prepares to give their charter guests the best possible time aboard the superyacht St. David. And viewers of the series know that there's not only plenty of drama with the guests but also a lot of tension between crew members. Every season there are always a few members who get on the nerves of fans and viewers, and this time its deckhand and stew cook Camille Lamb.

Camille Lamb is a new deckhand and stew, in addition to head stew Fraser Olender in ‘Below Deck’ Season 10. The Mississippi native is a fifth-generation seafarer who has been sailing since she was years old. And while the deckhand/stew might consider herself “the life of the party,” fans of the show seem to have a different opinion about the star. The former ‘American Idol’ contestant seems to have angered some fans because of her “diva-like” behavior. The blonde beauty’s banter with her co-stars and crew members Hayley De Sola Pinto and Alissa Humber also seems to have painted her image as “irritating.” Here is what fans think.


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Camille Lamb in 'Below Deck' Season 10 (BravoTV)
Camille Lamb in 'Below Deck' Season 10 (BravoTV)

While Camille entered the boat feeling cheerful and bright, her outlook soon changed gears as work started piling up and things started to get more serious. Even Hayley thought that Camille had taken to a lot of “whining.” But it was Alissa who found the tall blonde to be the most annoying after the two repeatedly clashed. Fans on Twitter thought that Camille displayed major “diva” behavior, as one person noted, “Camille is gonna be a problem.” While another noted, “ALREADY the stews are having issue’s with each other! Camille is gonna be a problem!” A fan pointed out, “Camille people didn’t invite you to their parties because they didn’t like you.” Another noted Camille’s jealousy, writing, “Camille acting a little jealous that Alissa is 2nd? Or does she just not like authority.”

A fan penned, “So glad Haley says it. Everyone is thinking it to. Stop whining Camille. Suck it and do your job.” While one seemed to predict, “I have a feeling this 2 job title isn’t gona go well for Camille.” One viewer reprimanded the stew, penning, “Camille is actually b******g about being told how many things she failed at???? Solution- do your job!”








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