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Who is Justin Couch? Man punches, knees and kicks dad 80 times and hits mom 9 times on Halloween night

Both the parents reportedly had significant edema in their eyes while the father most likely had a broken nose and passed out several times
Justin Couch landed 80 strikes on his father and about 9 on his mother during the horrific beating of his parents on Halloween (Montgomery County Jail)
Justin Couch landed 80 strikes on his father and about 9 on his mother during the horrific beating of his parents on Halloween (Montgomery County Jail)

KETTERING, OHIO: A 33-year-old Kettering man is still in jail after being charged with punching, kicking and kneeing his father around 80 times on Halloween night while also beating his mother with a metal coat hanger. According to online jail records, Justin Couch is being held at the Montgomery County Jail on two counts of felony assault, each of which carries a $250,000 bond. 

At around 10.51 pm, a disturbance call guided the police to the Couch residence on the 3700 block of Tait Road. When they arrived, Justin's father, Jess Couch, was lying on his back, motionless and covered in blood as reported by WHIO. They also discovered Tina Couch sitting close to her husband on the ground. Police were informed by her that Justin was responsible for their beating. However, the statement of facts did not offer an explanation for the attack. Kettering police Detectives JP Jung and Kevin Hoying stated in an affidavit filed with the city municipal court on November 1 that the investigation's statement of facts states that he was transferred to Montgomery County Jail from the Kettering City Jail following his arrest on October 31 because the jail was not equipped to handle his hostile behavior.


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While officers were inside the house, Jess recovered consciousness and walked to the driveway to deal with property that he and Tina claimed Justin had vandalized. He retrieved his 1975 Harley Davidson motorcycle which Justin had been accused of pushing over on top of another motorcycle. They said their son also damaged the family SUV's gas tank with the metal coat hanger he is suspected of using to abuse his mother.

According to the affidavit, they claimed Justin struck them with clenched fists in the head, face, and back. He is charged with kicking, kneeing and using closed fists to strike his father around 80 times. He is also accused of striking his mother nine times with his fists. According to the court statement which also claimed that the father passed out at least twice while police were inside the home, both had significant edema in their eyes.

Both the father and mother were treated at Kettering Medical Center where Tina was discharged early while Jess had to wait for the results of a CT scan, making him a patient at the time of the court filing. According to the court document, a physician's assistant informed police that senior Couch most likely had a broken nose. Online court records indicate that Justin Couch will make his first appearance in court later this month.