Is Diddy dating Joie Chavis? Steamy kiss with Future and Bow Wow's baby mama goes viral

Is Diddy dating Joie Chavis? Steamy kiss with Future and Bow Wow's baby mama goes viral
Diddy was spotted kissing Joie Chavis in a yacht in Italy (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images, Instagram: @joiechavis)

Diddy was reportedly vacationing in Italy to attend his daughters' Dolce & Gabbana show, but that's not all he was up to. Captured in paparazzi shots, the rapper turned record producer was spotted getting cozy with none other than Future and Bow Wow's baby mama, Joie Chavis. The steamy shot of Diddy kissing Chavis was enough to spark speculations surrounding the nature of their relationship, but social media of course didn't stop at that. Digging deep into both of theirs relationships past, people concluded Diddy is the ultimate CLB — aka Certified Lover Boy considering not all that long ago he was pictured with another sensation of hip hop — Yung Miami.

Recently, Diddy had made headlines after he got roasted for saying waking up with '15 roaches' on his face inspired him. Social media also speculated the rapper's sexuality back in June, wondering if he was gay just for supporting fellow musician Lil Nas X's onstage kiss at the BET Awards. With the rapper garnering massive internet attention for simple trivial matters, it's not shocking that photos of him getting up, close, and personal with Chavis have been able to stir quite the buzz. But for those wondering who Chavis is, read on to find out.


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Who is Joie Chavis?

Chavis first came into the spotlight through her relationship with rapper Bow Wow. Since then she has also established herself as a model, entrepreneur and social media personality. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Chavis keeps her fans updated on what's cooking — figuratively and literally — quite actively. Sprinkled with enviable shots of her sizzling bikini photos that flatter her curves just the right amount, Chavis has mastered the art of social media fame expertly. 


Chavis is mother to Bow wow's daughter Shai Moss, whom the couple welcomed in 2011. Previously she also dated rapper Future, with whom she welcomed her toddler Hendrix Wilburn in 2018. Chavis was in serious committed relationships with both the rappers, but has often been slammed as a gold digger dating rappers and having kids with them for money.

She bashed those claims on a Q&A session for her YouTube channel, Joie In Life, saying: “[Some people say], ‘Oh, she’s a gold digger,’ or, ‘She’s just having these babies to secure a bag. I always have worked since I was 15 years old. I don’t know what it’s like to just not do anything. So, I think that’s the biggest misconception, and it doesn’t bother me at all. The people that know me know, obviously, I’m so much more than that. I show that with my actions. I don’t have to scream it out. I show that with my actions and how hard I work."


Is Diddy dating Chavis?

According to the popular celebrity gossip outlet The Shade Room, photos of Diddy and Chavis were taken in Capri as the two relaxed on a yatch. Diddy had initially gone to watch his daughters walk the ramp at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Venice, but he himself sizzled with romance cozying up with Chavis as photos show the pair laughing, cuddling, kissing and "speaking intimately" on their siesta.

While there has been no confirmation — official or otherwise — about the two's relationship status, Diddy is pretty tight with Bow Wow too, who had opened up earlier this year that he learned to be a better family man because of Diddy, the outlet adds. Meanwhile, Diddy is also connected to Chavis' romantic past with Future, who dated Lori Harvey some time in 2020 and Lori and Diddy used to be together back in the day too. All of this has sparked a whole other buzz of interest for social media who simply cannot keep calm about how swiftly Diddy moves when it comes to romantic liaisons. Or how he is showering all these women with money that artists signed to his label wish they were being showered with instead.


"So Lori Harvey used to date Future and Bu Thiam, who are also Joie Chavis’ exes. Joie has a baby with Future, who also has a baby with Ciara, and Joie also has a baby with Bow Wow, who used to date Ciara. And now Joie is with Diddy, who used to date Lori Harvey. It’s a lot y’all," wrote one user on Twitter. Another exclaimed: "DIDDY AND JOIE?! What a fucking plot twist!"

Some quipped: "This man Diddy undefeated Future somewhere smiling rn". Others joked: "Diddy be spending more money on the girls than on his artists. Go Joie !" They weren't the only ones, as another posted a meme and wrote: "Diddy ‘s artist when they see him spending money on these women and not on them". Diddy fans also borrowed fellow rapper Drake's highly popular album title CLB to label Diddy "fasho the #CLB OF THE YEAR." One was of the opinion that "Diddy keeps him a PYT. I hope he knows he’s a sugar daddy at this point"; PYT of course meaning pretty young thing.








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