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Who is Johnny Ventura's wife Josefina Flores? Musician's father-in-law didn't approve relationship

Nelly Josefina Flores's father did not want her daughter to marry a musician, Ventura reminisced on his 50th wedding anniversary
UPDATED JUL 29, 2021
Johnny Ventura and his wife Nelly Josefina Flores celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in October 2020 (Instagram)
Johnny Ventura and his wife Nelly Josefina Flores celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in October 2020 (Instagram)

Dominican merengue singer and bandleader Johnny Ventura born Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano in Santo Domingo died on July 28. He was admitted at the Clínica Unión Médica del Norte, in Santiago, north of the Dominican capital. He had fainted during a private medical appointment and the news of the world-renowned merengue music legend's death has shocked fans across the Dominican Republic as well as America where he often traveled to perform. Fans are also mourning the loss of another music legend, bassist Dusty Hill of ZZ Top who also died on the same day as Ventura.  

Ventura, alongside his orchestra, had played some of the most prestigious arenas around the country including The Carnegie Foyer, Madison Square Garden, Studio 54 New York, Hollywood Palladium of California, Astro Village of Houston, The Dinner Key Auditorium, Flager Dog Track and Fountaine Blue in Miami. Ventura was loved by many across the world not just for his distinct singing style but also for when he matched his orchestra's dancing skills especially those incredible hip movements. Ventura is no more but he leaves behind a legacy of good music that will always help cheer his fans. He is survived by wife Nelly Josefina Flores and the couple's children - Jandy, Ana Yahaira, Juan José, Daysi, and Erudi Andreina, as well as Hilda and Virginia del Carmen - Ventura's kids from his other relationships. Here's more about Nelly Josefina Flores. 


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Who is Johnny Ventura's wife Josefina Flores?

Ventura and his wife Nelly Josefina Flores married on October 27, 1970. Last year, the much-in-love couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and to make it more special, Ventura told his fans a little bit of their love story which was quite bumpy. He also uploaded a black and white photograph from their wedding day which made his fans on Instagram go all mushy. 

A translation of his lengthy anniversary tribute to his wife reads, "Fifa and I arrived today in our first 50 years of marriage and I thank the Lord for putting her at the helm of the boat of my life and driving it with skill, both in calm and turbulent water; guiding the ship to a safe harbor with overflowing affection and understanding, in a space of so much human warmth, that my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and I have felt living, more than in a home, in an inexhaustible spring of love."


In his post, Ventura also revealed his father-in-law was not very happy with their union. The idea of Josefina marrying a musician didn't sit well with her father and her stepmother too shared the same sentiments. "I'll be waiting for you in six months with a pot-bellied figure," Josefina's stepmother told her, hinting that the marriage wouldn't last and she'll be back at her parents' house with a baby in her belly. 

"An intimate wedding, without pomp, in which Rosalía Soriano and William Liriano were the best men. Fifa's father did not want a musician for his daughter, her stepmother told her “I'll be waiting for you in six months with a pot-bellied figure”. Hehehe, keep waiting. Thank you, woman, for giving us so much. He loves you, your Johnny," Ventura wrote, in conclusion, reflecting on what was one of the best days of his life. Ventura never shied away from showering Josefina with love. This past Valentine's day, he shared a beautiful photo of himself with his wife on Instagram with the caption when translated, reads, "Happy Valentines Day. Instead of half an orange, I have been awarded my orange and a half. Thanks for everything, my Fifa."