Jann-Michael Greenburg: School board prez says 'Jesus f**king Christ' after parent's comment

The Arizona school board president was feeling the heat as parents have been speaking out against mask policies and potential mandates

                            Jann-Michael Greenburg: School board prez says 'Jesus f**king Christ' after parent's comment
Jann-Michael Greenburg has been facing the heat since uttering cuss words in a meeting (Image: Scottsdale Unified School District)

Arizona’s Scottsdale Unified School District held a school board meeting on Tuesday, August 24, where parents shared their concerns about mask mandates in public schools. Officials with the school district said that they made modifications to the board meeting due to concerns over protests. At the beginning of the meeting, President Jann-Michael Greenburg pointed to an incident where "neo-Nazi propaganda" was found, after commenting on the recent protests and the need to stay physically safe.

For a while now, school boards around Arizona have been feeling the heat as parents and advocates speak out against mask policies and potential mandates. It reportedly even caused an uproar in at least two different districts. Greenburg eventually held the meeting in a limited capacity as the speakers reportedly waited outside. "I do want to comment just more generally on this point," he said after bringing up the protests and “the desire for a larger attendance”. It was then that he went on to accuse the parents of hate crimes. 


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"Unfortunately for one of our campuses, thankfully before students came but unfortunately, as our staff arrived to the school they found a number of packets, envelopes on the campus. When they inspected the packets and envelopes, those envelopes contained neo-Nazi propaganda. A 1993 neo-Nazi comic book written by William Luther Pierce the Third, the same author of The Turner Diaries, which was used by Timothy McVeigh to justify the Oklahoma City bombing, and this individual actually struck our campus three times, three separate occasions, brought that material and laid it out in places where we assume he hoped that children would come into contact with that," he said, adding, "and then, of course, on Friday we had protests at some of our school sites where we heard some pretty unfortunate comments about Asians. Comments that Covid is a Chinese bioweapon and encouraging our students to not follow district policy and remove their masks."

After standing outside for a long time, a woman expressed her disapproval of the plans after it was said that parents and protesters were leaving Nazi propaganda and making negative comments about Asians. She went on to suggest that it was one of Scottsdale’s own employees who dropped it around so that they can use victimhood to paint a false image of the peaceful concerned parents.


That is when the meeting took an unusual turn. After the parent spoke, the president of the board — who thought he was saying under his breath but actually said it into the microphone - "Jesus f**king Christ, These People". 

Who is Jann-Michael Greenburg?

Jann-Michael Greenburg is the current school board member for Scottsdale Unified No. 48 in Scottsdale, Arizona, and was elected to the governing board in 2018. 

As per the official website Scottsdale Unified School District, Greenburg attended law school at the University of Edinburgh School of Law in Scotland, from which he graduated with a First Class (Honours) LLB degree in 2016. Following that, he worked for Deloitte UK LLP’s private equity tax team in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and initiated his chartered accountancy studies.

When he returned to Arizona in 2017, he worked as the VP of Tresóna Multimedia, a music copyright-licensing firm. Apparently, he followed his grandfather’s footsteps and began volunteering at Yavapai Elementary School in September 2017. Greenburg is a fully licensed attorney in the state of New York and is a member of the New York Bar Association and American Bar Association.

In a statement released by School District Superintendent Dr Scott Menzel on August 25, 2021, it was acknowledged that Greenburg was the one who uttered the profanity. "He acknowledged that later in the meeting and apologized," read a portion of the statement. "The district is committed to offering opportunities for the public to share their opinions and to listen to them respectfully as we work to meet the needs of our students while navigating the challenges of Covid."

Greenburg also apologized during a latter part of the meeting.


Despite the apology, many on social media are calling him out. "He is a gay communist from another country!" one user commented under the video. "He's only sorry because he got caught!" another wrote. Another added, "Unfit for his position. Just like they would tell someone else if they acted like this!!" Yet another said, "Just disgusting".

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