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Who is Jamiee Mitchell? Gays against Groomers founder calls gender-affirming care 'evil agenda' on Tucker Carlson

Jamiee Mitchell has previously attacked gender affirmation care for turning 'an entire generation of children as lab rats for this sick ideology'
Jamiee Mitchell (L), founder of Gays against Groomers, appeared on Tucker Carlson's show (R) (Rebel News screenshot/ YouTube,  Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
Jamiee Mitchell (L), founder of Gays against Groomers, appeared on Tucker Carlson's show (R) (Rebel News screenshot/ YouTube, Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: Jamiee Mitchell, the founder of Gays Against Groomers who recently appeared on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News, has claimed that anti-LGBTQ attacks like the one at Colorado Spring’s Club Q would continue until the “evil agenda” of gender-affirming care is stopped.

Carlson began the show by stating the tropes characterizing gender-affirming care for trans youth as "child abuse". He also explained that Jaimee's organization emphasizes that having conversations with children about gender identity is a form of grooming, sexualization, and indoctrination.


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Who is Jamiee Mitchell?


According to, Mitchell is a lesbian and a creative designer at a right-wing marketing firm. She explained during the interview with Carlson, “You know, saying that ‘groomer’ is an anti-LGBTQ slur, that is doing irreparable damage to us as a whole, and it’s putting a really large target on our backs,” she said. “And unfortunately, you know, the tragedy that happened in Colorado Springs the other night, it was expected and predictable. Sadly I don’t think it’s going to stop until we end this evil agenda that is attacking children," reported Huffpost. Her platform, Gays against Groomers, became popular after it posted certain pictures claiming that “young boys” were being forced to participate in a “nearly-naked kinkfest.”


In June, Gay Against Groomers, which is often termed as GAG, turned popular with its vision statement which said, "Our community that once preached love and acceptance of others has been hijacked by radical activists who are now pushing extreme concepts onto society, specifically targeting children in recent years." Jamiee has previously appeared on Tucker Carlson's show when her organization was banned on Venmo and PayPal.

Back then, she said, "We’ve never gotten a violation before. They said that we violated, though, their user agreements, which, we’re not sure what in the agreement we violated."

"There was no really detailed message to that. Just the notification that we have been banned." However, one of the most popular stance she took in recent times was when she said, "Coming out as conservative is much harder than coming out as gay now. It’s almost looked down upon if you don’t come out as gay now.” Further she also claimed that "gender-affirming healthcare professionals are using an entire generation of children as lab rats for this sick ideology," in an interaction with OAN, reported pinknews. 

'She’s the lesbian version of Candice Owens'

The internet quickly reacted against Mitchell's remarks on the show. A user said, "They'll say anything to try and make it the fault of anything but their hateful rhetoric." A tweet read, "This is dark even for Tucker. It’s like Q and The Texas chainsaw massacre meets In Cold Blood." Another added, "This is actually a textbook example of an implicit endorsement, certainly not explicit. Implicitly endorsing mass murder is still very bad though (obviously), so there's really no need to pretend it's moderately worse." A user claimed, "Are we sure she’s actually a lesbian and not faking it like the LGB Alliance?" A tweet read, ""Yeah," said Tucker Carlson with a nod as he cemented himself as the most useless man in history." A user added, "And I gotta log off tonight. This is too much." Another said, "This is insanely immoral and she’s grifting off it." A user claimed, "She’s the lesbian version of Candice Owens."









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