Who is Asia Argento dating now? Anthony Bourdain's girlfriend linked to ex-paparazzo

Asia Argento posted a selfie showing Fabrizio Corona kissing her cheek with the caption, 'We can't explain it to you'

                            Who is Asia Argento dating now? Anthony Bourdain's girlfriend linked to ex-paparazzo
Asia Argento dating paparazzo Fabrizio Corona after Anthony Bourdain's death. (Instagram/ @asiaargento, Getty Images/ Paul Zimmerman)

Asia Argento, the last-known girlfriend of Anthony Bourdain, is now rumored to be dating a former paparazzo, following the death of the famous chef. Although the Italian actress has chosen to keep her private life a secret and the exact status of her love life is not known, it was reported that she had started dating ex-paparazzo and Italian media personality Fabrizio Corona after Bourdain's suicide in 2018.

It seems like the relationship is still going strong. Argento posted a selfie showing him kissing her cheek earlier this year with the caption, "We can't explain it to you." Also, back in January, she posted another photo showing her kissing the same heavily tattooed man. 


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Who is Fabrizio Corona?

Born in Catania, Sicily, Fabrizio Corona is a former partner and director of Corona's, a photography agency in Milan. He was embroiled in a number of legal proceedings, including the Vallettopoli investigation of 2007, which involved the extortion of various female entertainment and sports personalities. In 2015, he was sentenced by the Italian Supreme Court to 13 years and 2 months of prison time for his crimes. In December 2019, he was placed under house arrest on medical grounds. However, he was ordered to return back to jail by a Milan court in March this year. 



Apparently, the former VIP photographer cut his wrists and attempted to kill himself upon hearing the ruling from the court judges. He was rushed to the hospital. He pledged to take his own life if the ruling was not reversed. "You have created a monster," he said in a video message to the judges. The order to send him back to jail came after a series of parole violations, according to Ansa General News


He was once married to Croatian model Nina Morić. They have a son, Carlos Maria Corona. He was also romantically involved with Argentine showgirl and model Belén Rodríguez which made headlines from 2009 to 2012. 

Argento's relationship with Bourdain

Last month, Argento paid tribute to the late chef for his birthday through a series of photos of the pair. "Celebrating the most extraordinary man I have ever met. Missing you every day," Argento wrote in the caption. "Cherishing each moment we shared in our life together. I feel your presence and your strength. You shine so bright within me. I love you my A. Happy birthday."


Argento and Bourdain's relationship is the focus of the last part of the documentary 'Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain' which was released on Friday, July 16. The documentary revealed how the celebrity chef had become "addicted" to the Italian actress and ended up dying by suicide just five days after paparazzi photos emerged of Argento embracing a male friend and holding hands in Rome.

Morgan Neville, the director of the film, told the Wall Street Journal that Bourdain and Argento's relationship was like 'quicksand' and as a result, he did not want to dwell on it too much in the movie. "You can make a whole film just about that and that was not the film I wanted to make. It gets really complicated and in a way that to me is not ultimately enlightening," he said. "What I included was a fraction of what was there. So if people think there's a lot, let me tell you, there is very little compared to what's there. I feel like I showed tremendous restraint, even though people may not know that. And I think I was very fair with having seen all the facts. I'm very comfortable with what I did."

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