Who is Ethan Schmidt? Arizona anti-masker harasses wig shop serving cancer survivors for mask rule

Ethan Schmidt, the Trump supporter, shot the video inside the shop and called the mask rule 'discrimation'

                            Who is Ethan Schmidt? Arizona anti-masker harasses wig shop serving cancer survivors for mask rule
Ethan Schmidt has been accused of harassing shop in Arizona (Instagram)

PHOENIX, ARIZONA: An anti-mask crusader and Trump supporter started a harassment campaign against an Arizona wig shop that serves cancer patients. The name of the shop is Sunny's Hair and Wigs, and they specialize in making wigs for women who have lost hair while getting treated for cancer. 

It was also reported that the shop has strict mask guidelines to ensure safety of their clients who are particularly vulnerable. Lisa Memberr, the owner of the shop explained, "My customer base is very diverse," and added, "Not only do I have Caucasians, I have Afro-Americans, I have Asians, I have Latin Americans."


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Who is Ethan Schmidt?

The strict guidelines set in the shop invited the ire of anti-masker Ethan Schmidt. He is known to travel across the Phoenix area and target businesses that still require customers to wear mask. He visits such shops and claims he is a victim of discrimination. He is 23 years old and was banned from social media sites after it was reported that he was spreading false information about coronavirus.

However, this happened only after he directed his followers toward Sunny's. This reportedly happened despite the employees at the salon explaining that the measures were taken to ensure that their clients were individuals who had gone through chemotherapy which decreases immunity and weakens the immune system. 


On his Instagram page titled 'basedethanschmidt', he posted a video from the shop and titled it "SUNNYS WIG AND HAIR DISCRIMINATES <\3" and also added the shop's phone number and address to the post. The post resulted in many slamming Schmidt for spreading false information. One user commented on the Instagram post and said, "My wife started Chemo 6/20. First thing we were told was to stay home and if we had to go out wear a mask because her immune system was shot. This guy has absolutely no common sense or empathy for others."

Another added, "Call the whaahmbulance. Another triggered trumper smh." One user wrote, "Videotaping yourself trying to kill cancer patients isn’t very based, bud." Another user wrote, "They service folks getting chemotherapy, which drastically suppresses the immune system. It only makes sense to protect those clients who are extremely susceptible to any airborne illness. Didn't know Schmidt was being treated for cancer?"

One user also added, "Going into someone's business telling THEM what to do in THEIR store is not a job. Get a job," while another user said, "If Daddy Trump told you to start wearing masks tomorrow you would go out and buy as many as you could."