Who is Eric Glen Banks Jr? Baltimore cop arrested after body of stepson, 15, found in loft wall

Who is Eric Glen Banks Jr? Baltimore cop arrested after body of stepson, 15, found in loft wall
Eric Glen Banks Jr was arrested on Tuesday, July 6, after the mother of the teen (Dasan Jones) made a complaint to the police regarding a child custody dispute with the accused (Photo by Stevica Mrdja/ EyeEm/ Getty Images)

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND: A man has been accused of hiding the body of his 15-year-old stepson inside of a wall of his home’s loft. Eric Glen Banks Jr also allegedly tried to take away a gun from a cop during his arrest. The 34-year-old has now been pressed with numerous charges including assault and resisting arrest for the encounter with Anne Arundel County Police.

Banks was arrested on Tuesday, July 6, after the mother of the teen -- Dasan Jones -- made a complaint to the police regarding a child custody dispute with the accused. A press release from the police department noted, “A mother was in the area to pick up her teenage son who had been with the stepfather. Initially officers were told by the stepfather the fifteen year old teenager left the residence leaving his belongings behind. Officers responded to the residence located in the 1400 block of Stoney Point Way, Curtis Bay, Maryland to conduct a check on the welfare of the teenager. Upon arrival, officers discovered the teenager unresponsive in an upstairs room.”


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The charging documents obtained by DailyMail.com stated that when Banks fought with the officer, he “stated multiple times 'you're gonna have to end this' as we were wrestling over the firearm.” The documents also noted officers looking out for the teen were told by the accused that a hole in the wall of the house's loft was his “gun safe.” But to their horror, they found Dasan's remains in the “hole in the wall with a white cover leaning on it.”


The release also stated, “Officers immediately began rendering aid until relieved by fire department personnel,” before adding it took several officers to arrest Banks safely after he “became combative and tried to disarm an officer.” Because of his alleged illegal actions, he has been charged with first and second degree assault, reckless endangerment, disarming a law officer, resisting/interfering with arrest, and failure to obey a lawful order.

However, the stepfather has not yet been pressed with any charges related to Dasan’s death. The state medical examiner's office is still probing the teen’s cause of death, Anne Arundel police said, and also branded his death “suspicious”. Sgt Kam Cooke added, “There appeared to be some things going on with the couple and there needed to be some space between them.”


Who is Eric Glen Banks Jr? 

Banks is a suspended Baltimore police officer. Before the encounter on July 6, he was receiving his salary from the department, however, since then his payment has also been canceled. But it’s not clear why he was suspended earlier. During a bail review hearing, Banks’ attorney Warren Anthony Brown said that his client served the US Marine Corps for 11 years and became a sergeant there. However, in March 2018, he was discharged from duty. Brown also claimed that Banks had been honored with a number of service awards and medals. 

Regarding his suspension from the police department, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told the Baltimore Sun, “The deputy commissioner and I have been in communication with the chief of Anne Arundel County. The officer was already suspended based on a previous incident and is now suspended without pay, pending the outcome of that criminal and administrative investigation.” It has been said Banks was with the department for around three years and obtained a $54,454 salary and $88,933 in gross pay during the 2020 fiscal year.

According to reports, his wife and Dasan’s mother had filed a petition on June 25 in Anne Arundel District Court for a protective order from him. In her request, she alleged that Banks stalked her and abused her emotionally and mentally. The woman also asked for custody of Dasan and her two sons. Besides, hours before the horrific discovery on July 6, she filed documents for another order of protection, in which she wrote, “I am in fear for my life and well being because Eric Banks keeps trying to control, follow and emotionally abuse myself and my sons.”

Meanwhile, after Dasan’s body was found, a GoFundMe was started by Kayla Wright, who went to school with him. The teenager was a magnet student at Glen Burnie High School. He was also skilled in violin playing. The message on the fundraiser read, “He [Dasan] had such a good soul and it is such a tragedy that he had to leave us so soon and so young. I created this to help his family and his mother through this hard time. This is for his funeral expenses and extra cash for his family. I have used the platform I have to bring awareness to this tragedy and hope to raise the money to help as much as I and we can, thank you. Justice will be served and you will finally be in peace.”



Joseph Aposhian, Dasan's cousin, also shared an emotional post in his tribute on Facebook. Aposhian wrote, “I couldn't believe that the news was true... And as I write these words, I can't help but ache, knowing that another beloved family member is gone too soon. The only comfort being that I know I will see them all again someday... Dasan, I LOVE YOU. You weren't just my little cousin. You were family, my brother, and my closest friend. I remember holding you on the day that you were born. We were almost 5 years apart to the day, and it made my world to know that I was gonna have my 1st cousin born so close to me. It was the greatest birthday present ever!!! And I knew from that moment, that we were gonna be best friends. You may not have known it DJ, but you forever changed my life. Being an only child, I ALWAYS  wanted a brother...and I never got that. But when you came, I didn't care anymore cuz you were much better. You made me feel like I mattered, and that I WASN'T alone.”


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 Who is Eric Glen Banks Jr Baltimore cop arrested body of stepson 15 Dasan Jones found in loft wall