Who is Dennis K? Stepdad admits to raping and punching 2-year-old boy to death after drugging him with meth

The boy's mother reportedly tried to protect her partner of few months saying that her dead child's severe head injuries were self-inflicted

                            Who is Dennis K? Stepdad admits to raping and punching 2-year-old boy to death after drugging him with meth
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Warning: This article contains material that can be disturbing

A shocking incident from Germany has come to light where a 30-year-old man identified as Dennis K admitted to sexually assaulting his 2-year-old stepson and beating him 'whenever' he felt like it, eventually leading to his tragic death from torture.

The two-year-old baby — whose name has been revealed to be Tim — was killed on July 10, 2020, and was later found with a fractured skull, crushed internal organs and smashed ribs. Autopsy also revealed a very high concentration of crystal meth in the toddler's body.  In a court hearing on March 10, Dennis admitted that he sexually molested and battered his stepson like a "punchbag" to relieve stress while the child's mother did not take any action to stop the torture that lasted nearly a month. 


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Who is Dennis K?

The 'sadistic' 30-year-old stepdad responsible for assaulting baby Tim resides in the German town of Querfurt in the Saxony-Anhalt province. Reportedly, Dennis would pump the toddler with the dangerous drug methamphetamine before abusing him, so that he would not resist or disturb. The horrific violence happened repeatedly between June 23, 2020, and July 11, 2020 — during which the accused used to abuse, torture, drug and humiliate the toddler for sexual kicks, reported The Sun

During the trial, Dennis shared that his partner and Tim's mother, identified as Uta F, had an argument with the child's biological father and "gave her bad mood to me". "In the evening, when a noise came from Tim's room, she would send me off. I was stoned, drunk, and frustrated. In the nursery room, I suddenly hit him and all the frustration went away," he admitted, to the shock of the spectators at the court. 

Thereafter, he would often sneak into the baby's room to vent his anger. He unabashedly said, "Whenever I felt like it, I would go to the nursery room. I felt better when I hit him. Tim was like an outlet for me." 

Baby Tim (Facebook)

The accused even kept over 30 videos of the sexual abuse and torture on his phone which were discovered upon investigation. On the fateful night of the murder, Dennis apparently woke up the two-year-old from his sleep and sexually abused him in the most brutal manner on his bed. He then drugged the boy with crystal meth, before beating and kicking him to death, so that his crimes are not discovered. 

“...he is said to have beaten and kicked the child until he could no longer detect any signs of life. After that he is said to have put the child in the cot and left the room," his indictment statement revealed.

As per the autopsy report, there were 3,700 nano grams per liter of crystal meth in the toddler's blood — an amount over five times higher than the safe amount considered for adults. 

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Who is Uta F and how did she react? 

The boy's mother — identified as 36-year-old Uta F — had been in a relationship with the accused only for a few months at the time of the crime. She denied allegations of negligence after being charged with ill-treatment of the ward and negligent homicide. However, she reportedly covered her ears when the horrific details about her son's abuse were being read out at the court. She told the court that she was unaware of her partner's torture on her son because she wore ear plugs.

Reportedly, she was asleep when the murder took place. If reports are to be believed, she apparently carried her dead son from his bedroom where Dennis had placed him in the cot and kept him in the living room. Police found the dead child wrapped in his blanket, lying in the living room. 

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Shockingly, the child's mother tried to protect her partner by justifying little Tim's injuries as self-inflicted. She said, "Tim was defiant every now and then and hit his head against the wall and floor when he had attacks of anger. He taught himself the injuries," reports RTL.de

While denying allegations of drugging the young boy with crystal meth, the accused tried to blame the mother saying, "When I left, there was still crystal meth on the table. Maybe Uta gave it to him to calm him down." Neighbors of Uta reported complaints of domestic violence from her house, as they had heard Uta's daughter, who is Tim's older sister, screaming for help on several occasions. 

The trial is still continuing at the court in Germany.