'Doris Burke is gold': Fans say listening to sportscaster makes them realize why they love NBA so much

'Doris Burke is gold': Fans say listening to sportscaster makes them realize why they love NBA so much
Doris Burke (Getty Images)

Doris Burke, is an American sports announcer for the National Basketball Association (NBA) on ESPN, among many other shows and since the sport is now back without a live audience, fans were glad to hear the sports analyst's voice. From her descriptions of the game to her enthusiasm, fans say they missed Burke almost as much as they missed the sport as Twitter showed continuous love and support to the analyst. "Doris Burke is gold," wrote one user with another adding, "Wasn’t even going to watch this game until I heard Doris Burke’s voice."




Burke, 55, is widely known to be one of the best sportscasters there is and even played basketball herself when she was studying to get her masters from Providence College. According to reports, Burke was also named College Female Athlete of the Year at Providence and also become the fifth person to be inducted the college's Hall of Fame. Burke started her broadcasting career in 1990 after having graduated from Providence, retiring as a professional B-ball player. She began as an analyst for women's games on the radio and then had moved on to working as a sports analyst on TV for Big East Women's games, according to her reported biography. It wasn't until 1996 that she had further moved on to Big East Men's games and went on to become the lead analyst for Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) on ESPN. Her other accomplishments include being the "primary radio and TV voice" at New York Liberty and a color analyst for the New York Knicks games, both on radio and television. She is reportedly the first woman to be a color analyst on both platforms and the first woman analyst for the Big East Men's games.

A fan wrote, "Doris Burke @heydbcalling an NBA game feels like old times, before all this pandemic. She is worth more than whatever they are paying her." Another fan added, "Doris Burke easily one of the best commentators. She should be getting paid top dollar."




The highly talented sportscaster has been widely recognized for her work as well as in 2003, Burke was on top 10 list for ESPN's Men's Basketball Team sideline reporter during the NBA and in the same year, had won the USA Today Rudy Award for the Best New Face in Sports Television and in 2012 was awarded the Silver Anniversary Award recognizing her athletic feats. It wasn't until October 2013, that Burke had signed on as an NBA commentator for ESPN. "Doris burke’s description about what happened just now with the iverson cut was so great. she’s really good at what she does. i enjoy whenever she does games. espn need to give her more run," wrote another fan. Another user added, "Doris Burke is everything. I feel complete again."




As the feminism movement continues to rise, many also took to the social media channel to encourage others to learn about sports from Burke and others they considered great as well. "I love listening to Doris Burke talk basketball," wrote another fan of the sports announcer. Another added, "If you don't think women know anything about sports , listen to Doris Burke, Dottie Pepper and Jackie Macmullan to start. If listening to them doesn't change your mind, then you are just a moron." Many women are relentlessly supportive of how much Burke has accomplished and love her therapeutic voice when she reports. "I really love that Doris Burke gets so much praise everywhere. She deserves it. #NBAisBACK #WholeNewGame," wrote another supporter.






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