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Who is Chad Laboy? Maskless Dave Chappelle slammed as ‘hypocrite’ after heated altercation with Texas actor

Things got ugly when Laboy’s fiancee yelled back at Chappelle’s crew telling them to 'quit talking to their friend in such a rude manner'
 Dave Chappelle (Getty Images)
Dave Chappelle (Getty Images)

Stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle is being slammed as a “hypocrite” by an actor after the two parties got into a heated altercation over going maskless at a comedy show. Texas-based actor Chad Laboy alleged that he had an unpleasant encounter with the comedian at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin in November when one of his female friends approached Chappelle without a mask. 

Who is Chad Laboy?

Laboy is a part-time actor who has appeared in Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Heartbeat’ music video. He was at the Four Seasons Hotel celebrating his engagement with his 22-year-old fiancee Carlos Torres at the time of the incident. 

According to the Daily Mail, Chappelle was in the Texas city doing a “socially-distant” live comedy show on November 16, 17, and 18. Laboy’s friend walked over to say “hi” to the comedian but got “berated” by his crew as she didn’t have a mask on. “My friend didn't have her mask on when she walked over to his table and rightly so, they chastised her for it,” Laboy said. 

“She apologized and offered to put her mask on, but continued to get berated. No one at their table was wearing a mask, but the group was extremely rude, saying things like, 'we don't know you', 'get the f**k away', and began calling her names,” Laboy added. Things got ugly when Laboy’s fiancee yelled back at Chapelle’s crew telling them to “quit talking to their friend in such a rude manner.”

Furthermore, Chappelle’s group members thought Laboy was capturing it all on his camera when they yelled out “he’s taping us”. The actor noted that within seconds, Chappelle and six of his came “storming over to their table without wearing masks.”

He also said that Chappelle tried to “deescalate” the situation, but his crew continued to behave in an unruly manner. Laboy claimed that one of the guys in the comedian’s group tried to push him in an attempt to grab his phone. Laboy continued to record for his own safety and Chappelle is allegedly heard saying “No disrespect, he's recording me and she's violating my personal space.”

Chappelle reportedly said “We aren't doing nothing violent, bye, bye” as the situation continued to escalate and on seeing the hotel guard, Laboy decided to end the video, assuming he would confront the angry mob. But to his surprise, the opposite happened. “The security guard didn't ask us any questions or allow us the opportunity to tell our side of the story. Instead, he sided with Dave Chappelle and his group. He told us that we all had to leave the premises,' Laboy said.

The actor has even accused the comedian of going to his table before he and his friends left, without a mask on, and saying, “You a bi**h a** n****a”. Reportedly, a lady from the comedian’s group told one of Laboy’s friends to delete the video from their phone and when they refused, she called them a “fu**ing c*nt.”

The Austin PD arrived at the hotel and on hearing Laboy’s side of the story, they gave them all a “trespass warning a full year and we could not return to the hotel during that time or we would be arrested.”

However, no arrests were made on either side. Laboy, who has alleged that Chappelle was maskless, said, “Chappelle and his group accosted me and my friends on two occasions and none of them were wearing a mask. They put our health at risks. Chappelle is a hypocrite."

He added, "When you go to his comedy show, everyone is required to wear a mask at all times and you have to take a rapid Covid-19 test upon entering the venue. But I guess the same rules don't apply to Chappelle and his crew as they do to everyone else. He's all talk about everyone else wearing a mask but he doesn't.”