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Who is Brad Myers? Expert says defendants should 'make efforts' to remove judge from Madison Brooks case

Legal expert Adante Pointer slammed Judge Brad Myers for saying 'the evidence to me is clear' while determining the bail of the defendants in the Brooks case
UPDATED JAN 26, 2023
Legal experts are now asking the defendants in the Madison Brooks case to try and remove Judge Myers from the case (, LSU Alpha Phi/Facebook)
Legal experts are now asking the defendants in the Madison Brooks case to try and remove Judge Myers from the case (, LSU Alpha Phi/Facebook)

BATON ROGUE, LOUISIANA: There was a lot of back and forth in the tragic case of Madison Brooks as an attorney for two of the four suspects claimed that Brooks had indeed consented to sex before she was killed. However, Judge Brad Myers ruled that video footage of the drunk sorority member taken by her suspected rapist is damning evidence that a crime did occur. Myers remarked, "The evidence to me is clear." Now legal experts are claiming that Myers should not have made "inappropriate comments" while discussing the bonds for the four defendants charged in connection with the rape of the LSU student.

The 19-year-old LSU student died after being hit by a ride-share car at 3 am on January 15, 2023. The suspects in the Madison Brooks case have been identified as Kaivon Deondre Washington,18, a minor male, 17, who has not been named due to his age, Everette Lee, 28, and Casen Carver, 18. Now, civil rights attorney Adante Pointer has slammed the judge and said that the defendant should make active efforts to remove him from the case. Pointer told DailyMail, "In a bond hearing, the judge is really just meant to determine whether or not the person can be released from custody. It is inappropriate to comment on the strength of the evidence or the guilt of the accused. The principle is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Determining bond or the conditions of release are only there to ensure that person shows up to court, not to determine if they are guilty or innocent. Or how guilty they appear to him."


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Madison Brooks death: Judge says 'evidence is clear' as video confirms rape of LSU student

Pointer continued, "To make those kinds of comments is inappropriate and frankly will taint the public and potential jury pool against the defendants. The judge should not even have been looking at the evidence, he has to take the police report as true. He is not supposed to be weighing up the evidence and commenting on the evidence at the bond hearing. I certainly think that the defendants should make every effort to make sure that this same judge does not continue on the case because this one has already made a decision in his mind that these young men are guilty. The judge has already put his thumb on the scale."

Madison Brooks. (Instagram/madibrooks)
Madison Brooks (Instagram/@madibrooks)

Who is Brad Myers?

Judge Bradley C Myers, who graduated from LSU with a degree in journalism, and from LSU law school and says, "I was raised one of nine children on a school teacher’s salary. I know people come from all backgrounds, some harder than others. I love the law because we are all equal under the law. That’ll always hold true in my courtroom." He was elected in May 2022 to fill the 19th Judicial District Court’s vacant Division E seat. His first job in the legal field was as a clerk for Judge Doug Moreau who later became our District Attorney. Myers, in his campaign, said, "As a federal prosecutor, I wanted to be a judge and have worked my entire career to prepare for that responsibility."

Judge Brad Myers. (
Judge Brad Myers (

Myers has been a member of the Defense Research Institute, the International Society of Barristers, the Fifth Circuit Bar Association, a fellow of the Louisiana Bar Foundation, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He has also served on the East Baton Rouge Parish Commission on Ethics, the Baton Rouge Recreation and Parks Commission Foundation, and the Our Lady of Mercy Athletics Association. Moreover, he was the head starter for 30 years at the LSU Track and Field Officials Association and was later inducted into the Hall of Fame. He has been married for 37 years to his wife Judy, who is a retired Deputy Chief Federal Probation and Parole Officer, and the couple has two children.