Who is Bianca Chambers? Detroit woman drags car thief, 19, out of barbershop by his hair

When Bianca Chambers' white Mercedes-Benz was stolen, she sought help on social media to track down the thief and finally found him at a salon

                            Who is Bianca Chambers? Detroit woman drags car thief, 19, out of barbershop by his hair
Detroit businesswoman Bianca Chambers and her car that was stolen (Fox 5 Detroit)

DETROIT, MICHIGAN: A business owner whose car was stolen decided to take matters into her own hands. The woman confronted the suspect at a barbershop and reportedly dragged him by his dreadlocks.

Bianca Chambers shares a white Mercedes-Benz with her boyfriend. When it suddenly went missing, she solicited help on social media and tracked the vehicle down for three days via tips about its whereabouts, WDIV reported. Chambers told the outlet how she called the police each time she found her car, but the thief managed to get away. When she found the stolen vehicle on Wednesday, July 14, she slashed all four tires and confronted the alleged suspect.


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According to Chambers, the car was stolen on Monday, July 12, from Eight Mile Road and Woodward Avenue. She immediately went on a pursuit of the person responsible. “You’re the dumbest criminal of all,” Chambers told ClickOnDetroit of the 19-year-old suspect. “I’m the wrong one. Cops going to find you. You’re a thief - a thief.”

As a first step, Chambers shared an alert about her stolen vehicle on Facebook and Instagram. Shortly after, she began receiving tips about where the Mercedez-Benz had been seen. The first sighting was reportedly near Grand River Avenue and Greenfield Road. “Eight Mile and Greenfield, I see him,” Chambers said. “I said, ‘Oh my God, this is my car.’” However, the driver allegedly sped away when she got close to the vehicle.

The car was next seen the following day, parked near a boutique Chambers owns. Officials said two people were sitting inside the car at the time, prompting Chambers to report to the police. The car was spotted for the third time outside a hair salon on Wednesday, July 14. Chambers saw the teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, inside the business and proceeded to confront him directly. “Excuse me, you got that Benz out there?” she reportedly asked in a clip of the confrontation. “Yes, you do.”

Chambers and the teenager subsequently got into a physical altercation. “I feel like he needed an old-fashioned a** whooping because you’re going to stop stealing people’s cars,” Chambers said. Before going inside the salon to confront the teen, Chambers slashed all four tires on her Mercedes-Benz to ensure no one could drive it away. “I need to slash all four,” she said. “I didn’t want you to think that you were about to get anywhere far. Today was just the last straw. I just was not - I refuse to let this man joyride another day in my car. You will never steal from me again.”


She continued to probe the teenager online and found this wasn't the first time he was accused of stealing a vehicle. Upon retrieving her vehicle, Chambers was surprised to find it remarkably clean. "They was driving, they was having a good time, they was smoking but, yes, when I got my car, it was very clean," she said. It later emerged that the teenager had gotten the car detailed. 

Chambers admittedly put her hands on the suspect during the confrontation. However, the suspect on remand allegedly does not want to press charges for the physical assault. Police said the person was being held on the allegation of receiving stolen property.