Mom spends $786 buying lost baggage and ends us making THOUSANDS with what she finds inside

Mom spends $786 buying lost baggage and ends us making THOUSANDS with what she finds inside
Ashley revealed how shopping for a $600 pallet profited her with goods worth $9,000 (Image/Hustle at Home Mom)

A YouTuber mom from Utah has found unexpected profits as she scooped over $9,000 worth of luxurious designer stuff after shopping for a lost cargo pallet. The mother of three, who regularly buys returns pallets on eBay and resells them for profit, posted a vlog about her windfall on her youtube channel 'Hustle at Home Mom'. She revealed how shopping for a $600 cargo pallet profited her with goods worth $9,000.

Youtuber Ashley with her husband bagged a mysterious cargo clothing pallet and was left amazed as most of the clothes in the pallet were new and had authentic tags of Nike, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. The Luxurious items were priced around $9,176. The cargo pallet contained a Fear of God suede jacket worth $3,932, a Canada Goose upper worth $1,442, a $91 Chanel cloth bag, a Louis Vuitton jumper worth $524, and a $916 Nike jacket.


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Ashley said in her video: “I’m shook, I think there’s some real gems in here guys, I’m so excited to unpack this.” She further added, “This was such an insane haul … we truly could not believe everything we were finding."

“I have done a lot of liquidation, I have never had something like this happen, in my five years of reselling I don’t think I have ever encountered something like this... That’s the least I ever spent on a pallet for sure, that’s the least I ever spent on liquidation and I can’t believe all of this was in it. This is better than Christmas,” she continued.

Ashley stated in her video that the luxury items could be fake copies and that she will go through the process of authenticating them. If she had any fake items, she would have lost money because they were non-refundable. However, this was not the case, as every item in the pallet has been confirmed by experts to be authentic. She admitted it may take a while before she makes any profit.

“With luxury like this the downside is it takes longer to sell, it’s a little trickier to figure out what to do with it,” Ashley explained, adding, “Super crazy that everything I pulled out of there was indeed authentic.”

Recently, the YouTuber with 91.2k followers posted an Instagram video of her husband unboxing a cargo pallet, with the caption, “By popular demand… here is a compilation of all his best reactions. TJ’s brain really went *🤯* with each surprise luxury item I pulled out. 😆😆”



Two days ago, Ashley posted another thrift video and is planning to resell the vintage items she bagged on eBay.

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