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Who is Anthony Fauci's wife Christine Grady? How 'love at first sight' turned into 36 years of marriage

Dr Anthony Fauci and Dr Christine Grady faced not just the coronavirus pandemic together but also the AIDS epidemic
Anthony Fauci and his wife Christine Grady arrive at the White House for a state dinner on October 18, 2016 (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Anthony Fauci and his wife Christine Grady arrive at the White House for a state dinner on October 18, 2016 (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Dr Anthony Fauci is currently in the news after the release of his emails, but what about his personal life? One of the things that media outlets have noticed about Fauci from his emails is his composed attitude and proper manners when addressing any mail that spelled conflict. Proper manners seem to be a crucial part of the infectious disease expert's personality. And turns out, one of the reasons he fell in love with his wife is bedside manner.

Of course, that is not all! The couple reportedly met at work and it was "love at first sight" in 1983, Dr Fauci said. He got married to her in May 1985 after dating her for two years and currently the couple share three daughters. 


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So who is Dr Anthony Fauci's wife?

Dr Christine Grady was a nurse when Fauci first saw her over the bed of a patient and fell in love. Explaining about why he fell for her, Fauci said in an interview, "She was intelligent, beautiful, spoke multiple languages, and she had a very wonderful bedside manner." He added, "I immediately said, 'That's a good start, so I have to go out with her." Grady began as a nurse following which she pursued a degree in bioethics. They were a couple when the AIDS pandemic hit and also served from the frontline then. Grady worked on former president Ronald Reagan's HIV/AIDS commission, while Fauci worked at NIAID, where he led a research team. She also wrote a book titled 'The Search for an AIDS Vaccine'. 

Before the coronavirus pandemic, when both Fauci and Grady would step out to work, they would return home together after stopping at a restaurant where they would grab a meal and relax after a long workday. During the pandemic, it was revealed that Fauci had to work 18 hours a day and thanked his wife for ensuring that he rested. Grady told Insider, "I've felt like from the very beginning, you know, January of 2020, watching this tsunami come, that I needed to be at least partially responsible for making sure that Tony slept, and ate sometimes, and sat down sometimes, things like that."

Anthony Fauci and Christine Grady's meet-cute

The first time Fauci met Grady, she was interpreting for a patient who spoke Portuguese. He wanted Grady's help in convincing the doctor to let him go home. At that time, Fauci had said that the patient could go home, but that was only if he took proper post-op care and stayed home. However, the patient said that he was not going to be tied down and that he would go to the beach, even dancing at night. However, Grady lied to Fauci and said that the patient agreed to his conditions. 

Three days later she was called to his room and she initially believed that she was going to be fired. She said, "I thought I was going to get fired." Instead, he invited her to dinner. Fauci then said, “She almost fell right through the chair," and added, “She said, ‘Of course I will.’” Grady also said that the first time they had met, people used to be scared of Fauci. She said, "You weren’t as scary as people made you out to be," and added, "Everybody was afraid of you, and when I first saw you I thought, What are they talking about? He’s young and handsome and doesn’t seem that scary." Fauci calls his wife Chris, and she calls him Tony. They parents to Megan, Allison and Jennifer.