OnlyFans’ Amy Kupps quits teaching job after ex tells school about her adult work

OnlyFans’ Amy Kupps quits teaching job after ex tells school about her adult work
The OnlyFans model said she 'loved that I had this side to me that no one at school knew about. I felt like a naughty superhero – teacher by day, temptress by night' (Getty Images/ Ekaterina Makovetskaya/ EyeEm)

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA: An OnlyFans model has claimed that she lost her full-time job as a teacher after her former husband revealed her double life to the school. Amy Kupps reportedly started her OnlyFans account in 2019 after being encouraged by her ex-spouse. But things started to change for the worse when her ex got jealous because of all the attention and expensive gifts she was getting from her fans and followers.

The former teacher said, “When I was younger I’d always wanted to be in Playboy or be an actress, but I grew up and became a teacher with a husband, so why would I have considered it? I started out small, just on Instagram mainly posting selfies of my enhanced bust and lips.”


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Who is Amy Kupps?

According to reports, Kupps is from Charlotte, North Carolina, who previously used to work as a history teacher. However, in 2019, her former husband gave her an idea to join the subscription platform -- OnlyFans -- after he noticed she was getting an enormous amount of attention on her Instagram account, @amy.kupps93. The 32-year-old told The Mirror: “I’d never given that sort of thing a thought until my husband encouraged me as a way we could start making extra money.”

Kupps admitted that initially, it was intimidating for her to start on OnlyFans, but when she received support from her ex-partner, she felt confident. She stated, “I quickly got the hang of it and it was so lovely having my husband supporting me. He helped me by being my photographer and we would think of new content together. I really thought it was going well and we were a team.” To date, Kupps has reportedly made nearly $150,000 on OnlyFans.

She also said that though she and her former husband were working as a team for the OnlyFans content, her friends, family, and colleagues did not know about her double life. “I loved that I had this side to me that no one at school knew about. I felt like a naughty superhero – teacher by day, temptress by night,” Kupps said. But things went off the track as the model claimed, “My husband couldn’t handle that there were men online spoiling me with gifts far more expensive than he could.”

As Kupps' relationship with her ex became sour, she was called for a meeting by her headteacher at school. “I think I knew what it was about before I even got to the meeting,” she said, before adding, “I had always discussed with my ex how I wanted to remain anonymous for the students, staff and other parents that I'm friends with. Protecting the kids is important to me.” She said that her former husband had shown her OnlyFans page to the school, which was embarrassing for her.

“It was awkward. I was trembling with tears and embarrassment. They made me feel so small and disgusting. I was suspended while they decided what to do but there was no point denying it. I was so mortified I felt I had no choice but to step down. I couldn't continue working with those people. It wouldn’t have been long before parents and kids found out and I didn’t want that. I did get a few disgusting looks from the parents. Not many from the dads, unsurprisingly, just the mums,” Kupps recalled.

The woman said that when she confronted her ex, he confessed but also made her feel ashamed of her OnlyFans account. Kupps divorced her ex in December 2020 and is now focusing on OnlyFans. “I find it comforting chatting with men from all different walks of life. They make me feel special and wanted. Whereas at first I used to only show my body, now I will show everything including my face,” she said.

Kupps has also planned plastic surgeries in the future. She had spent $15,000 to enhance her breasts and soon she will spend more money to increase her bust to get to 34F. “I’d also like to have butt implants or injections, maybe liposuction to make my stomach flatter,” she added.


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