Who is Johanna Leia? Fans joke Amari Bailey's mom is why Drake's his 'buddy'

Drake and Michael B Jordan were spotted courtside at a Sierra Canyon game

                            Who is Johanna Leia? Fans joke Amari Bailey's mom is why Drake's his 'buddy'
Amari Bailey's mother Johanna Leia is a former model ([email protected])

It's tough to capture attention when Drake and Michael B Jordan are courtside at a Sierra Canyon game, but that's exactly what Basketball star Bailey Amari's stunning mother, Johanna Leia managed to do. Amari, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard from Sierra Canyon High School (California), is ranked No. 3 in the ESPN 60 for the 2022 class. Amari helped lead USA Basketball to a gold medal at the 2019 FIBA Americas U16 Championship in Brazil. 

But it was his mother's style and glamour quotient that seemed to be on point at a Sierra Canyon game, which had celebrity spectators courtside. Amari's mother Johanna a former model, who also runs the Superstar Basketball Camp had the Twitter verse wishing that there were more mothers who looked like this at basketball games. Fans also couldn't help wondering if it was Amari's stunning mother that brought Drake and Michael B Jordan to his game. If there was a show for 'Basketball Moms' rather than 'Basketball Wives', we're pretty sure Amari's mother would be a shoo-in. 


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Twitter of course had a field day with Amari's model mother and the impact she had. One fan on Twitter said, "No cap if Amari Bailey mama was on my sideline in high school I would’ve tried to go for 50 every game"



Other fans couldn't help but agree. One fan tweeted, "Drake & Michael B. Jordan Pull Up To Sierra Canyon Tonight To Watch FaZe Athlete ‘Bronny James’ Play! BTW: I Know Y’all See It Too, That’s Amari Bailey’s Mom." Fans couldn't help but think they weren't the only ones quite taken with Amari's mother. One fan tongue firmly in cheek tweeted, "Ah sooo this is why Drake been out and about with Amari Bailey." Others agreed with one fan tweeting, "Y'all ever wonder why Drake being buddy buddy with Amari Bailey? Go look at a pic of his mom. You'll understand"









It seems that fans couldn't stop taking good-natured potshots at Drake. Another fan tweeted saying, "Man Drake so slick dawg if y’all see Amari Bailey mom you will understand why he been hanging out with this kid"


Fans were certainly excited with all the developments courtside and it seems that Bailey and his mother both brought their A-game to this game.