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Who is actor Lee Sang-bo? 'Secretly Greatly' star to take action over drug arrest rumor

Korean local media had reported that the actor arrested was Lee Sang-bo who was the lead in the K-drama 'Miss Monte-Carlo' was caught on CCTV
UPDATED SEP 14, 2022
Lee Sang-bo will sue for rumor about drug use (@ sangbo_1021/Instagram)
Lee Sang-bo will sue for rumor about drug use (@ sangbo_1021/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: After much speculation as to who was the Korean actor that was arrested for drug use in public, the media had supposedly  revealed his identity. Actor Lee Sang-bo who is known for his role in the hit film 'Secretly Greatly' was the celebrity reportedly arrested after SBS News released the CCTV footage to the public.

Several Korean actors were accused of being the ones caught on CCTV getting high in public. We had the likes of Park Hae-jin and Lee Moo-saeng denying these rumors which led to fans asking the police to reveal the identity and stop the speculation as it could harm innocent actors. Finally, the popular Korean paparazzo Dispatch investigated and hinted that the actor might be none other than Lee Sang-bo.


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Actor lee Sang-bo arrested for drug use (KBS/Naver)
Actor Lee Sang-bo was reportedly arrested for drug use (KBS/Naver)

Lee Sang-bo to take legal action for rumor of arrest for drug use in public

An unidentified actor in his 40s who lives in Gangnam has been arrested at his home on September 10. The police had received a tip that the actor had been running around and tripping on his own feet in public wearing a casual outfit and looking like he was high on drugs. Caught by a street CCTV, it had been reported by several media reports on September 12 that the actor was Lee Sang-bo who was covered in his own vomit and could not speak or walk properly. He was currently in the hospital while the police found several pills in his home.

SBS News reveals footage of an actor high on drugs in public (SBS News)
SBS News reveals footage of an actor high on drugs in public (SBS News)

The CCTV footage also showed a blurred man tilting forward while being escorted away by the police. According to a previous report released on September 11, Lee Sang-bo supposedly admitted to all the charges brought against him. The report also suggests that thanks to his cooperation, the investigators will be looking into the source and the drug's import. He will be questioned after his hospital treatment.

However, Lee Sang-bo has personally denied all claims by going public and proving that he was not arrested. He will take legal action those who reported him as the unidentified actor. He said, "I have never done drugs even once and also don't have any relations to someone who does drugs. I have never done drugs. The medicine that I am currently on is for psychological stability."

The actor who is known for his roles in films like the 2013 'Secretly Greatly' and K-dramas like 'Private Lives' and for the lead role in 'Miss Monte-Carlo' which was released in 2021. It has been reported that Lee Sang-bo was working independently since then after leaving his old agency in 2021. 

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