Who is Halley Greg? Here's why this high school teacher on 'The Voice' had to use a pseudonym to write music

Who is Halley Greg? Here's why this high school teacher on 'The Voice' had to use a pseudonym to write music
Halley Greg will star in 'The Voice' Season 20 (Instagram@halleygregmusic)

Halley Greg, a Seattle-based singer and songwriter, describes her music as the love child of Kate Perry and Joan Jett. Halley, 29, is clearly no newbie to music, though she is relatively new to songwriting. Halley has even released an album that was partially funded by a kickstarter campaign called 'American Harlot'. While Greg is clearly confident of her musical abilities, she wasn't always confident on stage. In fact, she suffered from crippling stage fright before she began singing background harmony for a fellow musician from Seattle. 

Making music may be far from a formula, but formulas are what Halley deals with day in and day out in her day job as a high school science teacher. In fact, Greg isn't her real name. It is a pseudonym that she felt would allow her to "write sassy/suggestive music and not get fired from my day job of teaching high school science". Well, we doubt the pseudonym is going to be of much help, now that Halley is on an international platform like 'The Voice'. 


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Halley Greg to star in 'The Voice' Season 20 (Instagram@halleygregmusic)

Halley's interesting song choice, Nelly Furtado 'I'm Like A Bird', had some divided. While some loved it saying, "Halley Greg flips her song choice and gets a quick coach turn. Loved the emotion in that 1st verse. She has nice colors to her sound and those highs are so sweet. Gorgeous rendition! #TheVoice #VoiceBlinds." Another echoed the sentiment saying, "Halley slowing down this Nelly Furtado song was BRILLIANT -- gave it a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FEEL #TheVoice."



Others weren't convinced. One fan said, "I have to say no on Halley. Usually ballads are one thing that win me over. But I'm Like a Bird is not meant to be a ballad."


But while the song choice may not have been universally popular, Greg's clear musical talent was appreciated. One fan said, "Halley is amazing and gorgeous and has such a chill, indie, beautiful voice. I think I'm in love."


Clearly, Kelly Clarkson was one of those feeling the love too. Halley is now Team Kelly all the way and fans couldn't be more thrilled. One fan said to Kelly Clarkson, "Congratulations on getting Halley On your team. I can’t wait to see what you do vocally together this season. #TheVoice."


You can catch Greg's performance on 'The Voice' below. 'The Voice' airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on NBC. 


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