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Who is John Zloty? 'Extreme Sister' star Christina Manning's athlete beau, 24, not in Jessica Dunagan's good books

'Unless John is a 24 year old psychiatrist, this is not going to work out,' commented a fan
UPDATED MAY 10, 2021
'Extreme Sisters' star Christina Manning with boyfriend John Zloty (TLC)
'Extreme Sisters' star Christina Manning with boyfriend John Zloty (TLC)

Twin sisters Jessica Dunagan and Christina Manning share a very close bond with each other. After experiencing a very unstable childhood that involved a lot of moving around and multiple stepfathers over the years, the sisters learned to rely on each other and found some balance and stability in their life. Although over the years, their situation improved, and both of them got married and had their kids, the sisters still retained the same strong bond with each other.

Unfortunately for them, their partners perceived the relationship between them as extremely obsessive and unhealthy, which eventually led to both their divorces. While Jessica continues to prioritize her twin sister and continues to regard her as her soulmate, Christina however seems to be keen on learning from her mistakes and working on ensuring that her future relationships don't get affected by her bond with her sister. So, when Christina, 37, introduced her boyfriend John Zloty to Jessica, needless to say, things didn't go well. Jessica began feeling that Christina's new man was getting in the way of their relationship and tearing them apart. In the recently aired episode of 'Extreme Sisters', Jessica and John got into a huge fight that ended with her swearing to break John and Christina apart after he declared that Christina didn't like Jessica. So, if you're curious to know more about this brave man who seems to have gotten caught in the intense drama between the sisters, then we got you covered.


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Who is John Zloty?

John Zloty is a 24-year-old athlete who is currently dating 'Extreme Sisters' star Christina Manning. According to 247 Sports, John is a footballer who plays as wide receiver in Martinsville, Indiana. Despite the huge age difference between them, the young athlete seems to be head over heels in love with Christina and her two children. A peek at his Instagram profile reveals that he is extremely family-oriented, and also a fitness enthusiast.

John revealed on the show that Christina was his first serious relationship. The couple was shown deciding to move in together after just a few months of knowing each other. Although things seem to be going great between the young athlete and his lady, unfortunately, the same can't be said for his relationship with Jessica. Jessica appears to be threatened by the bond and love that he and her sister share. So she has been very vocal about her objection to John. Since the sisters are psychics, Jessica used her psychic power to declare that he didn't have good vibes and was convinced that he hated her.


Although John reassured her that he didn't hate her but instead liked her, she refused to believe him. Her constant blaming of John for coming in between Christina and her bond, and accusing him of being too young for her sister, finally irked John enough to snap at her. Jessica took this as a sign that he indeed hated her, and swore that she would break the couple apart. 

John was riled up by how she brought his age into the argument and complained to Christina about how he can't magically age 13 years and felt that her sister was being unreasonable. After fans watched the fight, they began feeling sorry for John and felt that he should leave Christina, and let the sisters sort out their toxic relationship with each other. A fan tweeted, "John is a baby getting roped into this circus. #ExtremeSisters." Another fan wrote, "John needs to run because these two are a MESS! #ExtremeSisters."




Fans also felt that John and Christina's relationship would;t work. A fan commented, "Unless John is a 24 year old psychiatrist, this is not going to work out. #ExtremeSisters." "Christina is 37? Lies? John is 24???? WHOA! #ExtremeSisters," expressed a surprised fan.



To further add fuel to the fire, Jessica was irked over Christina not coming to her rescue when John was yelling at her during their argument. Looks like the trio has a lot of issues to work through in order to make the relationship work.

'Extreme Sisters' airs every Sunday at 10/9c on TLC.