Who is Eleanor Calder? A look at Louis Tomlinson's love story and girlfriend's career amid breakup rumors

Who is Eleanor Calder? A look at Louis Tomlinson's love story and girlfriend's career amid breakup rumors
Eleanor Calder is rumored to have broken up with Louis Tomlinson (Instagram/@eleanorcalder)

Model and fashion blogger Eleanor Calder was trending on Twitter on Thursday, February 25, after she changed her Instagram handle, sending fans into a tizzy as they worried about her relationship status with former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson.

The model has 3.5M followers on Instagram and her handle was initially 'eleanorj92' to match with Tomlinson's 'louist91'. However, it was changed to 'eleanorcalder' and Tomlinson was untagged from their couple photos, leaving fans wondering if the couple, who liked to keep their relationship private, is still together. Here's everything you need to know about Calder.


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Who is Eleanor Calder?

Eleanor Jane Calder, 28, graduated from University of Manchester in 2014 with a degree in politics and sociology. She is an assistant stylist and formerly worked as a fashion blogger. In 2015, Calder established her fashion blog called The Trend Pear with longtime friend Max Hurd. The blog was discontinued in 2017. 

Eleanor and Louis were introduced to each other around September 2011. Then a student and part-time model, Calder and Tomlinson met after a friend of his former bandmate Harry Styles set them up on a date. A friend close to the One Direction member described the leggy brunette to The Sun as ‘gobby but laidback’. "She is a couple of years older than him but the lads in the band think she’s the female version of Louis. She isn’t afraid to bend the rules – just like Louis. It looks like she could be serious girlfriend material," they said.


A smitten Tomlinson, then 22, had flown to Manchester all the way from Barcelona in Spain to be present at Eleanor’s graduation day. She often accompanied him to work-related events, social events and tours. The couple initially split on March 7, 2015, and while neither elaborated on the reasons behind their split, People Magazine reported, "They tried really hard to make it work but it was just impossible – he's away for nine months a year and they just grew apart." Tomlinson then had a son, Freddie, with close friend Brianna Jungwirth in January 2016 but in 2017, Tomlinson and Calder reconciled. In January 2020, it was reported that Eleanor and Louis were engaged, but a representative for Tomlinson quickly denied the speculations.

In a 2020 report, Tomlinson revealed he sees a future with Eleanor, saying: "One day, yeah, I’d imagine so. If you’re asking me if I’m going to marry her? Yes, I think so! And more kids, I’d say so.”

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