Who are Daniel Craig's children? Bond actor says they won't inherit his massive fortune

Daniel Craig called the concept of inheritance 'distasteful,' sharing that he doesn't want to 'leave great sums to the next generation'

                            Who are Daniel Craig's children? Bond actor says they won't inherit his massive fortune
Daniel Craig's daughter Ella is a talented model and actor (Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images for The Museum of Modern Art, Instagram: @ellaloudon)

British actor Daniel Craig, the face of 007, is an expert at keeping his personal life private too. But every now and then the 53-year-old actor drops tidbits about his children that leaves the tabloids shocked. This time it is the whooping fortune that the actor has just revealed he will NOT be sharing with his children. Calling inheritance "distasteful" in a recent interview, Craig has now made headlines for touting a philosophy that has no place for "old money" privileges. 

Craig's somewhat controversial views are expected to be more widely accepted after the recent spate of news about actors' personal parenting choices, especially around bathing their kids. While Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher became notorious for not showering their children daily, Kristen Bell drew flak for waiting for 'the stink' to bathe her kids. Incidentally, Kunis and Kutcher too had made headlines last year for refusing to shower their massive fortune on their children. And though Craig might raise a few eyebrows by revealing none of that $160 million estimated net worth is going to his kids, it's worth knowing that Craig's children - although decades apart in age - have already made a name for themselves.


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Who are Daniel Craig's children?

Craig has two daughters - Ella, 29, and a two-year-old toddler whose name has not been revealed to the public. Craig shares Ella with his ex, and first wife, Fiona Loudon. Loudon is a Scottish actress who was married to Craig from 1992 to 1994, with the couple welcoming their daughter Ella shortly after they got married. Ella, who usually goes with her mother's maiden name Loudon, is famous as an actor and as a model. Her Instagram account has close to 5000 followers and has picturesque photos - a mix of her own selfies and those she has shot of others and the places she has visited. Ella is also famous for movies like 'Texas Road' (2010), 'Nara' (2008) and 'Memory's Paradigm' (2007). And with her mothers $100 million divorce money, she hardly has much to worry about financially.



Craig's second and youngest is a whole 27 years younger. The two-year-old toddler is the child Craig had with his current wife of 10 years, Rachel Weisz. While it hasn't been confirmed, The Sun reported on the accidental 'slip' Ella had made on social media by revealing the name of Craig and Weisz's daughter through a Christmas 2020 photo. Capturing a gingerbread house in the frame, the photo showed five names from 'The Craig Family' written on the house with white icing: Daniel, Rachel, Henry (Weisz's son with ex Darren Aronofsky), Grace, and Ella. The name Grace is believed to be that of the toddler Craig and Weisz welcomed in 2018. Her face has mostly been hidden from the paparazzi's intrusive eyes. At this point all we know for sure is the stunner will be talented, given her parents' genes.

Ella Craig had accidentally revealed the secret name of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz's toddler through a Christmas post (Instagram: @ellaloudon)


But speaking of her parents, at least one of them won't be passing on their humongous wealth to her. Although Weisz has a solid estimated $36 million net worth, her husband Craig recently called the concept of inheritance “distasteful" during an interview with Candis Magazine. He also shared he doesn't want to “leave great sums to the next generation," adding that his "philosophy is get rid of it or give it away before you go. Using the example of American industrialist Andrew Carnage who reportedly gave away $11 billion in today's money, Craig said: “Isn’t there an old adage that if you die a rich person, you’ve failed?”

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