Who are the Munns? Texas family of 5 arrested for Capitol riots after friend turns them in

The Munn family of five from Borger, Texas, was detained for storming the US Capitol on January 6 after their friend called the authorities

                            Who are the Munns? Texas family of 5 arrested for Capitol riots after friend turns them in
The Munn family was charged with storming the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 (Department of Justice/ Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Five members of the same Texas family were detained for allegedly storming the US Capitol on January 6 after a family friend turned them in. Kristi Munn, Tom Munn, Dawn Munn, Josh Munn and Kayli Munn of Borger, Texas, have been charged with federal trespassing and disorderly conduct by the Department of Justice, news outlets revealed on Tuesday, July 13.

Last week, the FBI arrested a Pennsylvania man with a fully constructed Capitol lego set, as the body continues to build its case against those involved in the January 6 insurrection. Pro-Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was reportedly shot dead by Capitol police during the rot. She was later identified among the five deceased at the Capitol riots.


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The US Capitol was stormed by supporters of former president Donald Trump as a way of protesting after things took a turn for the worse for the Republican party in Georgia's runoff races. The mob stormed the building just as Congress was tabulating the Electoral College votes to certify Joe Biden as the next US president and just moments after Trump spoke at a rally in Washington. 


Who is the Munn family?

During the January 6 insurrection, Kristi allegedly posted a message on Facebook that read: "Tear gas tastes like freedom," the Daily Mail revealed. As many as 530 individuals have been detained as of July 13 for their roles in the Capitol incident. The Munn family is the largest family unit to stand prosecution for their role in the siege to prevent Biden's election victory.

According to an affidavit filed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a cousin of Kristi's fiance called the authorities three days after the incident after viewing many of her social media posts. Munn was pictured with her family members inside the Capitol building and they were all tagged on Facebook. Authorities then conducted interviews with residents in Borger, Texas, to confirm the family's identity.


A Facebook post shows Kristi with five other people subsequently identified as Tom, Dawn, Kayli, Josh and an unnamed juvenile. The caption reads: "Washington D.C. here we come…#StopTheSteal #TrumpIsMyPresident." FBI reviewed the posts, one of which dated December 28, 2020, read: "POTUS HAS REQUESTED YOUR ATTENDANCE WASHINGTON DC JANUARY 6TH 2021."

The Munns were among the audience at a rally when Trump spoke at Ellipse near the White House, which is less than two miles from the Capitol. Kelsi, who does not appear to have been to Washington, DC, on January 6, was also mentioned by the FBI. "They did not brake (sic) burn threaten swear push touch or hurt another American there today but they damn sure made their voice hear (sic)!!!" one of her posts read. It's unclear if the family members have entered pleas or are represented by attorneys.

According to court documents filed in a new federal criminal case against the five family members, Tom and his "nuclear family" traveled from Borger, Texas, to Washington the day before the riot. Dawn seems to be Tom's wife and their children are Kristi, Josh and Kayli, according to CNN

The Munn family reportedly entered the Capitol through a shattered window on January 6 and crossed the building together, according to their social media posts and videos highlighted by prosecutors. According to authorities, a sixth family member, a child, also walked into the Capitol with their family, as evidenced by footage of the Munns inside the building. The minor has not been charged and has not been named. Following the incident, all five family members continued to talk about their day of demonstrating support for Trump on social media.

According to court papers, the FBI learned of the family's involvement in the disturbance through another familial connection — a family member of Kristi Munn's fiancé. Three of the Munn kids' former high school and college instructors assisted the FBI in identifying them. Each of the Munns faces four federal charges, including disruptive behavior within the Capitol. None of the defendants have entered a plea.

People took to Twitter to share their views about the incident. "One Munn also posted, "F*ing great! Holy s** we were inside the f*ing capital” The family that insurrects together gets sentenced together," said a tweet. "I'm not sure if the rest of the Munn family have FBI numbers or hashtags but Kristi Munn is #FBI69 aka #CasperInsider. Remember folks - the family that commits sedition together goes to jail separately!" said another.



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