Who was Alexis Sharkey? Newlywed woman's body found days after she went missing following an argument with friends

'My world! My everything! I’m so lost right now! My one and only!' her husband, Tom, wrote on Facebook

                            Who was Alexis Sharkey? Newlywed woman's body found days after she went missing following an argument with friends
Alexis Sharkey (Facebook)

HOUSTON, TEXAS: The body of a newlywed woman was found after she went missing on Friday, 27. The sad news was confirmed by Stacey Robinault, the mother of the missing 26-year-old, Alexis Sharkey. 

“It’s with deeply broken hearts that Mike and I want to let you all know that Lexi’s body has been found. We cannot begin to thank you all for your love and the kind words you’ve extended to our family! Please give us this time to grieve this incredible loss to our family and this world!!! We will miss you, Love!!!!” wrote Robinault on Facebook. The cause of death was not revealed. The post soon received a ton of tributes from Sharkey's friends and colleagues. 

“I never met Alexis but she was an incredible inspiration to me in our Monat community,” wrote a co-worker on Facebook. “She was funny, incredibly intelligent and her energy was simply contagious. I am so sorry for you and your family’s loss. Words cannot describe how you must be feeling. My prayers are over you and your family and I hope that whoever did this gets the justice they deserve.”

Another person wrote on Sharkey’s mom’s post, “I always admired your daughter for her character and personality, she has such a beautiful spirit, and was such a big part of the monat family, i am so sorry for your loss.”

Monat is a premium hair and skincare company where Harkey worked after studying biology education at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Some of her posts on Facebook expressed her political inclinations. She was critical of President-elect Joe Biden and did not think that that the coronavirus pandemic was as serious as the mainstream media had made it out to be. 

Alexis Sharkey (Facebook)

“My world! My everything! I’m so lost right now! My one and only!” her husband, Tom, wrote on Facebook after news of her death was confirmed. He chastised critics on his Facebook page after her body was found. He wrote, "I just want to say this! While some of you were posting on social media helping us locate my world! And we appreciate all your help, Love and support! Others were waisting time talking about other things. Basically crap talk! And if my wife would of seen this she would be disappointed in your actions! You all should be ashamed of yourselves! I have been assisting the deputies and making phone calls to fine out what happened to my wife. Next time…. stop and think! And realize! You don’t know it all!" 

He also shared some heartbreaking photos with his wife, captioning it, "Baby..... please give me strength. Do you remember when we talked and joked about getting old. And I said... that’s the one thing you would never beat me at. And we laughed so hard because your so competitive." The couple married last December. 

In an emotional post on November 28, Robinault said her daughter was last seen in Houston, Texas. “Please share this post!!! My daughter, Alexis Sharkey, is missing!!” she wrote before Alexis’s body was found. “No one has heard from her for over 24 hours and the police are involved. She has lived in Houston Texas since January and that was where she was last seen. Please help us find her and bring her home safely!! We are so very desperate!!! Please share!!”

In an interview with ABC13, Robinault said that it was not like her daughter to disappear. The last time she had spoken to her daughter was right before Thanksgiving. “[Thanksgiving] was a busy day on her end and our end and so it was just one of those passing, type of ‘Love you’ things,” the mother, who is from Pennsylvania, told the television station. “Then Friday … honestly, Friday got away. [It was a] busy day. We never talked, and then she went missing Friday night and I have not seen her or heard from her since.”

She added that the family went into "full panic mode" after Sharkey’s husband called her on Saturday, November 28 to say she was missing and he hadn’t heard from her since that Friday According to Click2Houston, Alexis was with friends. “Her mother said there was an argument and she left and didn’t take her car,” the television station reported. Her friends then filed a police report, and her husband was notified, the TV station said. 

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