#whitewomenoverstepping: Veruca Salt slammed for berating Blacks celebrating Thanksgiving

#whitewomenoverstepping started trending on Twitter after Veruca Salt angered the African-American community

                            #whitewomenoverstepping: Veruca Salt slammed for berating Blacks celebrating Thanksgiving
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When a White Australian influencer started commenting on behalf of indigenous people and started berating Black people for celebrating thanksgiving, she was shut down by the black community on Twitter Spaces, after which she deleted her account.

The hashtag "whitewomenoverstepping" started trending on Twitter on Thursday, November 25, after an influencer named Veruca Salt voiced a few opinions on Twitter Spaces, which angered the African-American community. Before she deleted her account, she posted a number of controversial tweets. One of the examples of her tweet read, "maybe it's a cultural thing for me to be respectful of the traditional owners of the land I was born on, but I genuinely don't see how being disrespectful to an entire culture every year and then asking for respect for urs makes any sense. put some respect on AOTEAROA." A screenshot of the tweet is still circulating on Twitter. 



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She was also outraged at Black people in the US celebrating Thanksgiving because according to her, it meant "supporting White supremacy" and "disrespecting indigenous communities." There was also a buzz on social media that the influencer in question was accused of being a thief and a scammer who allegedly stole 10,000 Australian dollars in cash from another woman.


Twitter was quick to react. "yt people (especially yt women) believe that their advocacy and allyship should grant them access to Black spaces—they feel comfortable speaking about topics concerning Blackness but will automatically be violent when they’re told they’re overstepping #whitewomenoverstepping" one Twitter user said, while another noted, "White women overstepping & being anti-Black under the guise of advocacy and activism instead of listening to Indigenous people & the actual groups disenfranchised by colonialism." A third commented, "It’s very telling that today I’ve seen multiple takes on people coming for black people for coming together and eating food today. When one it’s one of the only days we all get the day off. When two black people have never engaged in the white mans holidays in this country."

The next remarked, "For the yts in the # saying we’re a bunch of 'racist blacks' please learn the definition of racism #whitewomenoverstepping." One more added, "#whitewomenoverstepping IF YOU ARE NON BLACK PLZ LISTEN TO OUR VOICES. WE DONT NEED YALL TELLING US TO NOT BE 'HATEFUL.' WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO FEEL RAGE. SOME THINGS ARE NOT DEBATABLE. STOP TRYING TO SPEAK OVER US."

Another quipped, "'white women get a few Black followers and friends and think they can speak for a community they’ll never be apart of' PERIOD! #whitewomenoverstepping." A commenter tweeted, "She just asked what we have to be thankful for as black people…. Life that is what we are thankful for. We are targeted daily in the media and by the police and justice system. I’m thankful I’m fucking alive. Stay out our business. #whitewomenoverstepping." A person reacted with, "It will always be Black Liberation over white feelings. Period. #whitewomenoverstepping."









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