Marina Lebedeva: Influencer, 31, dies after $5,500 nose job goes wrong

Marina Lebedeva: Influencer, 31, dies after $5,500 nose job goes wrong
Stock picture of a surgery being conducted (Getty Images/ Phynart Studio)

A social media influencer died while she was undergoing a $5,500 nose job at an elite Russian clinic after her body had a possibly deadly reaction to the anaesthetic used. Marina Lebedeva, 31, was once hailed by her followers as an image guru. She wanted to “correct” the shape of her nose through rhinoplasty, according to reports. She was administered an anaesthetic prior to the cosmetic procedure at the clinic.

Her temperature reportedly soared, possibly as an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic substance used during her procedure. Even though an ambulance was called as soon as the clinic realized that there were complications, Lebedeva could not be saved. She died as the plastic surgeons and paramedics fought to save her at Artibeaut clinic in St Petersburg. Other influencers whose deaths made headlines recently include Albert Dyrlund, Julia Hennessy, Odalis Santos Mena and Sofia Cheung


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Who is Marina Lebedeva?

According to, Marina Lebedeva was born on July 19, 1990. She has an Instagram page with over 2,000 followers as well as a Vkontakte page. A day before her death, she boasted about her apartment that she rented in St Petersburg and a restaurant in the neighborhood. "In a neighboring house on Fontanka, I found a very cozy restaurant with a stunning green terrace. They serve Portuguese cuisine here. I love these mono establishments for their service and attention to visitors... for lovers of wine and delicious food, " a translated version of her post read. 

Criminal investigation into Lebedeva's death

Following Lebedeva's death on August 25, the clinic was accused of medical negligence and a criminal investigation has been launched in St Petersburg. A video recorded the surgery and released by RenTV will be used as evidence. If convicted, the surgeons face up to six years in jail. “The doctors are shocked, and say this happens once in a million surgeries,” said one report. At the time of her death, Marina Lebedeva’s husband was away on a business trip. After being notified of her wife's demise, Lebedeva's husband, who also works as an image consultant rushed back to the city. He is now the sole parent of the couple's young son.

Artibeaut Clinic’s director Alexander Efremov released an official statement claiming that Marina Lebedeva had cleared a number of tests before highly qualified medics carried out the rhinoplasty surgery. According to him, a genetic condition led to her death, say reports. “A forensic medical examination will be carried out, but I can say that we performed the surgery according to all normal standards,” he said. “If some violation occurred, it would be the first such case.” The Russian Investigative Committee said it was still looking “to establish the circumstances and cause of the woman's death. The investigation of the criminal case continues.” No further details regarding her death have been released.

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