Biden's GREAT fall: White House blames ‘fresh breeze’, Donald Jr jokes he was knocked over by Trump's golf ball

Donald Trump Jr questioned if President Biden was suffering with 'neurological deficiency and dementia'

                            Biden's GREAT fall: White House blames ‘fresh breeze’, Donald Jr jokes he was knocked over by Trump's golf ball
President Joe Biden's fall at the Air Force One is being mocked by Donald Trump Jr (Getty Images)

On Friday morning, President Joe Biden ended up giving the internet enough fodder to create new memes after he fell down while walking up the stairs of Air Force One, at Joint Base Andrews. 

The 78-year-old President was taking a flight to Atlanta when he stumbled. He latched on to the railing, and steadied himself, and continued his climb up the stairs. But unfortunately, he lost his footing and ended up stumbling the second and third time. On the third stumble, he fell to his knees. He quickly got back up, went up the stairs and gave a salute at the top before disappearing into the aircraft. The internet had a field day making memes about the President's unfortunate fall.

It was, however, the White House spokesperson Jean-Pierre's statement about the fall that ended up amusing everybody.


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US President Joe Biden walks across the South Lawn as he departs the White House to spend the weekend in Delaware on February 05, 2021 in Washington, DC (Getty Images)


‘It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy...’

Jean-Pierre told the reporters that the President was "100 percent fine" and was just preparing for his trip to Atlanta. She also went on to blame "winds" for his fall. "It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself," she explained. Wind gusts were 19mph at Joint Base Andrews when the President was boarding the plane which is officially categorized as a 'fresh breeze' by the internationally recognized Beaufort Scale. 

When social media users heard Pierre's statement, they were amused and began mocking the White House staff for blaming the wind. A user tweeted, "Wait, wait, wait, wait..... The White House is now blaming the WIND for Biden floundering three times up a set of stairs? In what universe does that somehow make it better?" 



Another user too echoed similar thoughts with, "The WH blaming the wind for making Biden fall was some funny shit and the fact the WH didn’t know saying wind blew Biden over was 10x worse than the 3 falls." 


"Pullleeez. A WH spoxchick actually blamed the wind for knocking over Biden as he ascended the stairs of AF1. Three times that 8mph nasty ol' wind blew him over. I'd rather people thought I was sh*t-faced than that the wind blew me over. Three times," commented a user.


Donald Trump Jr: ‘It wasn’t the wind, folks!’

Former President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr. hopped onto the bandwagon of mocking Biden's fall and posted a clip of his father playing golf, and the golf bass causing Biden's fall. "It wasn’t the wind, folks," he tweeted.



In another tweet, Donald Trump Jr wrote that he was looking forward to the physicians diagnosing Biden with "neurological deficiency and dementia." He posted, "I’m really looking forward to all the tele-physicians who attacked Trump getting on TV and discussing how Biden’s loss of balance and constant loss of train of thought is a serious symptom of neurological deficiency and dementia.... because it is."



Trump Jr. isn't the only one who is questioning the President's health, several users on Twitter to wondered if Biden was alright. A user expressed, "They could have easily just said he slipped on the stairs like everyone has in their life. But they said that the wind did this? This man Joe Biden has Alzheimer’s. That’s my take." Another user expressed similar thoughts with, "His handlers said the wind did it. What do you think happened? Also, who does Biden think is President today? Dementia. Elder abuse is real.."



The fall has left many concerned about his mental faculties, as he recently referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as 'President Harris'.    

In August last year, Biden appeared to take offense after being asked whether or not he had taken a cognitive test. "No, I haven’t taken a test! Why the hell would I take a test? C’mon, man!" he fired back during a conversation with CBS News’ Errol Barnett at a virtual event with the National Association of Black Journalists."

However, he later said, "I think it's a legitimate question to ask anybody over 70 years old whether or not they're fit and whether they're ready. But I just, only thing I can say to the American people, it's a legitimate question to ask anybody. Watch me."