Where's Markwayne Mullin? Rep on self-styled rogue mission to Afghanistan disappeared

Where's Markwayne Mullin? Rep on self-styled rogue mission to Afghanistan disappeared
Markwayne Mullin speaks during a House Intelligence Committee hearing in Washington, DC (Photo by Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images)

US Rep Markwayne Mullin, who had gone missing while trying to enter Afghanistan with a huge sum of cash, has finally been found safe. Mullin was last seen trying to enter the Taliban-sieged country to singlehandedly rescue Americans still trapped in the country. Around the evening of August 31, official reports from US officials claimed they had no idea of Mullin's location leaving his family alarmed amid the chaotic US troop withdrawal and Taliban takeover. Fortunately, Mullin is still alive and contrary to worst fears, wasn't taken captive by the insurgent group. Although his exact location hasn't been revealed, Mullin was reported "completely safe".

News of Mullin's attempts were first reported by the Washington Post, who wrote the Congressman was on a "rogue evacuation mission" despite several warnings from the state department to not travel to the country. President Joe Biden withdrew all troops from Afghanistan on August 31 but there are reportedly thousands of people still trapped as news of Taliban massacres make headlines daily. Undercover missions like Task Force Pineapple have also taken it upon themselves to rescue locals whom Americans could not evacuate in time. And Mullin didn't stay back either, even though cooperation was dim to help him across the dangerous Taliban-controlled territory.


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Initially, it was reported that Mullin, a GOP lawmaker from Oklahoma, had contacted the embassy in Tajikistan to wire cash into Afghanistan. “Embassy officials told Mullin they could not assist him in skirting Tajikistan’s laws on cash limits on his way to visiting one of the most dangerous places on earth,” the Post reported. Shortly after, officials lost all touch with Mullin, until the late hours of Tuesday, when the lawmaker's spokesperson confirmed he is still alive. Mullin's office did not reveal where he currently is and whether he is still trying to enter Afghanistan, but the statement shared that he is willing to do "anything in our power" to bring Americans home.

NBC reports that the few Americans left behind are those with dual citizenship. They either chose to stay until their entire family could get out, or are people who have been working with aide groups. There are also people whose paperwork didn't get approved in time. But Mulling, who has neither ever served in the military, nor worked on clandestine operations and services, reportedly threatened embassy staff while trying to enter Afghanistan. And social media has been unforgiving with their criticism to say the least.

"Mark Wayne Mullin has been watching too many Rambo films and can’t separate fantasy from reality. If you want to rescue a family trapped in a foreign country, don’t entrust the mission to a plumber," one user tweeted. Others alleged: "Roids will do that to a guy." Some claimed, "His behavior is alarming to most of us." 




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