When will 'Walking Dead: World Beyond' return with Season 2? Here's what to expect after series is back

Assuming that the show is still paired with 'Fear the Walking Dead', the show is expected to return April 11, 2021

                            When will 'Walking Dead: World Beyond' return with Season 2? Here's what to expect after series is back

Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' Season 1

'The Walking Dead: World Beyond' has broken up the status quo in a major way, and left a number of things hanging in its special, two-hour finale. The CRM has gotten exactly what it wanted, Hope Bennett (Alexa Mansour) is finally about to meet her father (although in less ideal circumstances than she originally imagined), and the group is split up in ways that will make it hard to reunite. Fortunately, a second episode of the season is already confirmed. The only question is, when will it return?

The general rule of thumb for 'The Walking Dead' franchise is for 'Fear the Walking Dead' to air when the main 'The Walking Dead' series is away, and vice-versa. 'Walking Dead: World Beyond', however, is an extra series, but there's no reason not to expect that the show won't be paired with 'Fear the Walking Dead' like it was for the first season. Since 'The Walking Dead' is expected to return to finish its extended Season 10 on February 28 in 2021, ending on April 4, 2021, 'Fear the Walking Dead' is expected to return either on the same day, or a week after, on April 11.

If 'Walking Dead: World Beyond' remains paired with 'Fear the Walking Dead', it will likely return on April 11, immediately following the other show. Season 2 is said to be the show's final season, as the series was always envisioned to tell one self-contained story, spread out over two seasons. That means fans can expect the show not to end on another cliffhanger, but actually get some resolution to everything that's set up.

After the end of Season 1, Hope Bennett was taken in by the CRM, who set up the entire events of Season 1 just to recruite Hope for her mind. However, a flashback reveals that it's not Hope alone who is the family genius - it's Hope and Iris (Aliyah Royale) together who have the kind of genius that the CRM is working for. Iris has escaped the CRM's clutches, however, and she and Felix Carlucci (Nico Tortorella) have joined up with a group of apparent rebels. Next season will likely see the fight taken right to the CRM - but not before we learn some more about just what the CRM has really been planning all along.

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