When will 'Mayans MC' Season 3 return? Fans prepared for inevitable war with the Sons of Anarchy

When will 'Mayans MC' Season 3 return? Fans prepared for inevitable war with the Sons of Anarchy

It has been a long while since we last had an update of FX's bit series 'Mayans MC'. The Mexican-American crime drama television series created by Kurt Sutter and Elgin James (who has now taken over from Sutter to lead the show) is a spinoff of FX's 'Sons of Anarchy' and is set in the same fictional universe as the OG show. 

We follow EZ (JD Pardo), Angel (Clayton Cardenas), Emily (Sarah Bolger), Bishop (Michael Irby), Adelita (Carla Baratta), Miguel (Danny Pino), Felipe (Edward James Olmos), Taza (Raoul Trujillo), Coco (Richard Cabral), Alvarez (Emilio Rivera), and Potter (Ray McKinnon) as their lives coincide in the fictional town of Santo Padre - sometimes on the side of the law but most of the time, on the other side of the law. 

Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger leaving audiences eager to find out what is to come next. Especially with respect to our protagonists EZ and Angel and those closely associated with them. 

Even behind the screen, Season 2 marked a big new change with Elgin taking over from Sutter. The news was announced ahead of the Season 2 finale, and this is what Nick Grad, president of original programming at FX Entertainment, had to say (via Deadline): "We're happy to continue telling the story of 'Mayans MC' with our partners at Fox 21 and excited that Elgin James has earned the opportunity to become the series' showrunner. Kurt Sutter identified and chose Elgin as his partner on the show from the outset, and Elgin has been instrumental to the success of the series, leveraging his experience and creative vision to make Mayans MC with this incredible cast, crew and creative team."

So when does the show return for Season 3? 

Where we left off

The Season 2 finale of 'Mayans MC' was was a pot full of mixed feelings. EZ, who had set out on a mission to find the murderer of his mother, Marisol, finally managed to accomplish it. The road to this wasn't made of easy decisions and a lot was sacrificed so that EZ and Angel nab the person behind the whole charade.

Meanwhile, Season 2 was a time of turmoil for EZ's brother Angel, especially with his baby mama Adelita being kidnapped by Potter's men. 

On the gang front, the Season 2 finale had teased of a war between the Mayans and the SAMCRO. 

And while that might bring death and destruction to Santo Padre, it is now too late for the Mayans to do anything about it. 

What we want to see 

For one, we definitely want to see things get going with a gang war between SAMCRO and Mayans. It will be an interesting development in the storyline especially with everything else that is going on - in particular, Potter being on Angel's back with Adelita.

At the same time, we expect Miguel to stir up some things upon the discovery that his mother is dead. But more importantly, that his mother was killed by none other than Felipe's family. Seething with revenge, we expect Miguel to not make things easy for EZ and Angel.

When is it returning

Ever since the show was renewed for a new season, there has been little to no update about its returning date. Even during the pandemic little was revealed about it. But with many productions on hold now, we expect to be waiting quite a while for Season 3 episodes. 

But be rest assured that the show will return. Also because James has signed a multi-year overall deal with Fox 21 Television Studios back in February this year. So patience is the key. 

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