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'Mayans MC' Season 3: Season 2 finale teases war between the Mayans and Sons of Anarchy

In the finale, the Kings continue convincing Bishop to stand down and no take any action against the Vatos.

Major spoilers for season 2 finale of 'Mayans MC' titled 'Hunahpu' 

Well, well, well. This wasn't supposed to end this way.

The season 2 of FX's Mayans MC ended on a very surprising cliffhanger. After Riz's death (Antonio Jaramillo), which was Taza's doing (Raoul Max Trujillo), the Mayans are seething and want revenge. But Bishop (Michael Irby) spent the last episode convincing the Kings that they must fight the Vatos Malditos and that the Mayans need to avenge their fallen brother. But the Kings were adamant - there were far greater things at risk with a war like this especially taking into consideration the guns deal with Vatos.

So the last episode ended on a dubious note. Even fans were convinced that Riz's death must be avenged.

In the finale, the Kings continue convincing Bishop to stand down and not take any action against the Vatos. Apparently, other charters are ready to defect if the gun deal with the Vatos doesn't work out. They tell him that even though they think that an attack on the Vatos is the right thing to do, it will come at a huge cost for the Mayans. Bishop had suggested meeting the Vatos president El Palo in person and to solve this without arms. Which they do. Bishop and Tranq (Frankie Loyal) leave El Palo on cordial terms. There is a party happening at Palo's place the next day - his grandmother is turning 90. 

Coco, in particular, is extremely pissed that Bishop would be a sellout like this. He leaves the clubhouse yelling expletives at the Kings, who tell Bishop that he did the right thing by not getting involved in a club war. But Bishop, thankfully, has other plans. 

At the end of the episode, EZ (JD Pardo) earns his Mayans MC patch. And the club now goes to El Palo's grandmother's birthday party, where they kill every guest mercilessly. Unable to find El Palo himself and his grandmother, they escape. But that is the least bit of disappointing news for the Mayans. 

In the shooting, they killed a man - a member of the SAMCRO. While his identity is not revealed, Bishop says what is on everyone's mind at that point, "F**k me." In all likelihood, it looks like the fallen SAMCRO member is Allesandro Montez (Jacob Vargas) - who was the Sons member reaching out to Vatos for the gun's deal. And of course, the SOA are going to be pissed. 

"SOA are gonna be pissed. Chibs was clear the Vatos Malditos was the Sons' way out of guns. Mayans just blew that all to hell. Jax sacrificed everything to get them out. Mayhem is coming to Santo Padre," said a fan. 

Will the Mayans be ready for the oncoming war?

'Mayans MC' returns for season 3 (tentatively) in the fall of 2020.