When will 'Fix my Flip' Season 2 air? Release date, time and how to watch HGTV's house flipping show

When will 'Fix my Flip' Season 2 air? Release date, time and how to watch HGTV's house flipping show
Page Turner and Mitch Glew return in 'Fix my Flip' Season 2 (Instagram/@pageturnerunlimited)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: HGTV has released multiple thrilling shows for house renovation lovers. However, fans have been waiting for a long to watch more badly renovated houses be fixed. After more than a year of hiatus, 'Fix My Flip' is all set to premiere Season 2 soon.

House-flipping expert Page Turner is all set to return in 'Fix My Flip' Season 2 after competing with other expert renovators in HGTV's 'Rock The Block'. The billion-dollar real estate broker will once again dive in to help the overwhelmed flippers by taking over their flip to help them get them back on track to make top dollar.


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When will 'Fix My Flip' Season 2 release?

'Fix My Flip' Season 2 will premiere on HGTV on Thursday, May 4, 2023, at 9 pm ET. The HGTV show will feature exciting flips.

How to watch 'Fix My Flip' Season 2?

'Fix My Flip' Season 2 will release on HGTV. Don't worry if you do not have a cable connection. You can catch 'Fix My Flip' Season 2 on Discovery+ on the same day.

Who will star in 'Fix My Flip' Season 2?

Turner will return as the main presenter, and realtor, who also assists the flippers in the upcoming season of 'Fix My Flip'. Turner building expert Mitch Glew is also confirmed to make his return. Additionally, Francesca Grace is also expected to return to transform the house with her interior designing skills.


Page Turner
The renovation expert has sold millions in real estate and completed more than 100 successful flips so far. The excellent entrepreneur became a licensed full-time realtor in 2003. Beside 'Fix My Flip', Turner has appeared in 'Rock the Block'. Turner is a single mom of three daughters -- Zaire, Qai, and Quincy. 



Mitch Glew 

Mitch is the expert builder of Turner's team and right-hand man on HGTV's 'Fix My Flip'. The licensed contractor helps Page in executing her renovation plan so struggling flippers can make a profit on languishing projects. He co-owns Glew Build in Redondo Beach with his wife Danielle.



Francesca Grace 

Francesca is the creative force and visionary behind all the flips of the HGTV show. She is a top design tastemaker and she has worked with many A-listers and celebrity clients, including Chord Overstreet, Lily Tomlin, Kyle Richards, and more.



What is 'Fix My Flip' Season 2 all about?

Similar to Season 1, Turner with her team will help struggling flippers from Southern California who are going through trouble with their under-renovation properties. The licensed real estate realtor will fix the flippers' projects and assists in the designs that need some upgrades.

Turner will also provide Flipper with financial help as they already have suffered a lot of losses. In the premiere episode of 'Fix My Flip' Season 2, Turner will help a father-daughter duo who've flipped several houses but haven't made much money. However, things will go worse as the father-daughter duo has totally different design ideas. Turner will help the flippers with the necessary updates, easy improvements, and budget-friendly amenities that will help sell the home at their desired price point.


What is the buzz around 'Fix My Flip' Season 2?

HGTV show viewers have seen Turner transforming mishaps into luxurious houses. She has flipped mountain houses, preserved historic glory, and more. However, the house-flipping expert will take the riskiest project in 'Fix My Flip' Season 2.

Turner will help the flipper who purchased a most high-stakes home. He wanted to reach a $2 million price goal with the badly renovated house. Turner will chime in with her expert builder Mitch to get things back on track. From blown budgets and mismanaged schedules to uninspired upgrades and lackluster design, Turner will fix everything so everyone from her team can make a profit from the flip.


'Fix My Flip' Season 2 will premiere on Thursday, May 4, 2023, at 9 pm on HGTV.

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 When will 'Fix my Flip' Season 2 air? Release date, time and how to watch HGTV's house flipping show