What's wrong with Tammy Slaton's neck? Internet shows concern saying 'could have been a tumor'

What's wrong with Tammy Slaton's neck? Internet shows concern saying 'could have been a tumor'
Internet speculates what's wrong with '1000-lb Sisters' star Tammy Slaton's neck (Instagram/@queentammy86)

DIXON, KENTUCKY: We all are well aware of how significantly Tamm Slaton's weight has dropped over the years. But, losing weight comes up with its consequences. Ever since Tammy came back from the Ohio rehab center she started looking way thinner than she was before. But, fans notice that there is something wrong with her neck ever since she cut down the fate.

'1000-lb Sisters' star uploaded two photos on Instagram on Monday. The first photo shows Tammy taking a selfie from a little far away but the second one gave a close look at the star. This time, Tammy sported a peach color t-shirt and wore black-rimmed glasses. The photo is proof that Tammy has been maintaining consistency in her weight loss journey. But, is she OK? Fans notice something odd in her body. Keep reading to know what.


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Why is there a bump in Tammy Slaton's neck?

Is Tammy Slaton OK? Well, that's the question internet asked as soon as Tammy posted her photos on Monday. Ever since the weight loss we have seen Tammy's neck gaining a huge bump that is significantly visible in all the photos. Seeing the same, a fan commented in her latest post, "What's wrong with her neck? Is it something medical or excess loose skin due to weight loss?" A fan answered the question, "You forgot she had the tube in her neck where she could breathe." The person who asked the question wondered, "Could have been a tumor for all I knew that's why I bloody asked!" As others slammed the person for asking such a question, she cleared, "Think what you like but my 1st thought was that it was a tumor because of the shape and apparent firmness that's why my 1st question was "It is medical" I think some ppl on here are judging me by their standards, they have no problem having a go at me whilst screaming be kind. Hypocrites." A fan replied, saying, "Excess skin." The hanging skin around Tammy's neck might just be excess skin because of the excess weight loss. However, she has not talked about it, but it seems safe to consider it nothing but loose skin.


Internet can't wait to see Tammy Slaton after her skin removal surgery

As soon as Tammy posted new photos on her social media feed, a fan took the screenshot and took it to a Reddit thread, saying, "I can't wait to see what Tammy looks like when she has skin removal." Another claimed, "I can't wait to see her walking around without relying on a chair being near by....like I think it's going to be sort of wild when she's just walking and not in a "omg you did 10 steps" everyone cheer sort of way....just no one thinks about it at all anymore kind of walking." Furthermore, a fan wished Tammy to get back her full mobility. "yes!! I've often thought that when she gets her full mobility back and can walk, she's gonna realize the freedom of not having to rely on others! I think it'll really encourage her to keep progressing. I'm pleasantly surprised she's actually stuck with it this time, especially after getting married when it's verrryyyy easy to get comfortable and start regressing," commented one of the well-wishers. Another hoped, "The sad thing is she’s still on oxygen so hopefully she can get skin removal surgery safely. Her lungs haven’t taken such a hit." A fan wondered about her loose skin near the neck, "Is it me or did her lump on the forehead slide down her face and it’s now under her chin? JW." 


Let us further wait to see Tammy progress in her weight loss journey and succeed in skin removal surgery.

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 What's wrong with Tammy Slaton's neck? 'Tumor' rumor sparks as '1000-lb Sisters' star flaunts weightloss