What to look out for on TNT's Claws Season 2: A pregnancy and a mission to kill, among other things

We know it has been a year and the cliffhangers that the last season ended on back in August, 2017 were just too much to handle.

                            What to look out for on TNT's Claws Season 2: A pregnancy and a mission to kill, among other things
(L-R) Karrueche Tran, Jenn Lyon, Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston and Judy Reyes of TNT’s Claws (Source: Getty Images)

In just 10 days, the fiercely sassy, bold and savage ladies of Manatee County, Florida are going to be back. And if that doesn’t ring a bell – just know that the fan favorite Nail Artisans of TNT’s Claws are going to be back with a fiery second season of dark, twisted, packed-with-humour manicurist drama, as weird as that combination sounds. Sooner than you thought, right?

Remember the star-packed cast of ladies playing roles of pure badasses on screen, indulging every now and then in some organized crime? Well, to brush up your memory, these ladies happen to be Niecy Nash as Desna Simms, Judy Reyes as Quiet Ann, Jenn Lyon as Jennifer Husser, Carrie Preston as Polly, and newcomer Karrueche Tran and Virginia Loc.

Reports say that before the first season was released, TNT had no clue that the show would go on to become such a massive hit. And by a massive hit, we mean an average 6 million viewers per episode across all of TNT's platforms in 2017. It helped the show reach to the heights of becoming the fourth most-watched new drama of the year, among viewers between 18 to 49 – the same thing that convinced TNT to renew the show for a second season, even before the first one had ended!

"These strong-willed, hilarious women represent the diverse voices this network is all about," TNT Vice President of Original Programming Sarah Aubrey said of the renewal. "Claws has certainly struck a chord with audiences and continues to attract new viewers each week." Well, that’s what happens when you infuse manicures ‘on fleek’ with the Russian mafia – the results of their organized crime have to set a fiery drama across indeed.

So what can we expect from the new season? It’s supposed to premiere this Sunday, June 10. And sure enough, there’s going to be ample screentime for Uncle Daddy (Dean Norris) and his Russian accent; but that isn’t all. There will be more guns and nails and drama and Queen Desna setting the record straight on who’s the boss.

With phrases like "You've been wanting to take the Russians out? That's exactly what we're gonna do. But we're gonna do it my way," you know it’s going to be a massive hit already! But did you know there were also going to be certain comebacks and new additions too.

Jimmy Jean-Lous aka the "The Haitian" on Heroes is now a series regular for Season 2! That means there’s definitely some Desna romance brewing on the cards as back in season one he had guest starred as Dr. Gregory Ruval – a love interest for Desna.

There’s also Franka Potente (who played the role of Lola in Run Lola Run) joining the case for season two, as Zlata Ostrovsky – sort of a black sheep for the Russian mob family.

Sherry Cola (I Love Dick) will play the role of recurring character, Special Agent Lucy Chun. Speaking about her, Deadline said: "one tough cookie, intimidating and threatening, this FBI special agent has her eye on the pain clinic."

Speaking of this ‘pain clinic’, the concept of the show is truly remarkable, in the terms of projecting five manicurists into the normally male-dominated world of organized crime, all because they indulged in laundering money for a neighboring pain clinic.

With male strippers, Russian mafia members and, of course, the ever so impeccably done gorgeous manicures all packed into one, producers Rashida Jones and Will McCormick have truly done it with this show.

But don’t worry – we know it has been a year and the cliffhangers that the last season ended on back in August 2017 were just too much to handle. So here’s a quick recap of the main incidents you have to look out for in the upcoming season!

So Uncle Daddy’s beloved Juanda passes away and that too right in front of his eyes. Her last few words were “You gonna hurt ’em. Hurt ’em real bad,” so this is something you definitely can look forward too. No matter how severe the family traumas Uncle Daddy has been through this season, his menacing scowl at the end of the scene was enough to say that he has some plans.

Sadly, one of Jen and Bryce’s daughters also get kidnapped by the mob, who demand for Roller in return. And things end up worse when he informs Desna about that, but when the latter relays the information to the mother of the child, Jen – who is in a post-coital position with another man, by the way – Jen manages to somehow blame it all on Desna.

Also, how could we ever forget the sensational “I raised you, and you betrayed me” three-way wrestling match between Roller, Uncle Daddy and Bryce while Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” blasts in the background on the strip club speakers. It is moments like those that make fans and followers realize what a blessing Claws is!

Another milestone last season was Desna striking a deal with the Russian mob matriarch, Riva, who had kidnapped the Hussler baby and demanded Roller’s head in return. Desna promises her 50 percent of all of Uncle Daddy’s business – without discussing any of that with him – and casually says “You let me worry about that side.” She does save the day, but who will save her?

On the relationship front, Bryce confronts Jennifer about her affair with the Jew and then later on blames himself for that. Strange, we know, but the man says, “I pushed you into being a whore,” gets slapped by her and she storms off. On healthy relationship end, Polly and Dr. Ken share a few cutesy moments.

As the end of the finale draws nearer, things just keep getting messier. From Riva no longer agreeing to have just 50 percent of Uncle Daddy’s property, to Roller agreeing to hand himself in so Bryce and Jen can get their daughter back – things take a total 180 degrees turn.

And then comes the confusing climax with the henchman, who just walks in, pointing a gun to Riva’s head, but soon points it to Uncle Daddy. Roller overpowers the man but then another woman from Riva’s side holds her gun to Roller’s temple. Next thing we know, all the older ladies are armed and pointing guns at Uncle Daddy, and that’s when Riva tells Desna “Now we can talk.”

You think it’s over right there, but no. Claws has more plans for you. There’s a burying the hatchet, a moment of bonding, a confusing confirmation and to top it all – the biggest shocking revelation of all.

In that, we mean, Desna and Jen bury their hatchet but when the time comes for Desna to reveal that she’s got to stay back at the old salon to keep laundering money, the ladies stick around too, with Virginia saying, “We go where you go.”

But speaking of Virginia – she is seen washing herself up in the bathroom and there’s a pregnancy test next to her! It is surely something to look forward to in Season 2!

Still that isn’t the biggest revelation here. In a dimly lit drug packing warehouse, Uncle Daddy, Bryce and Roller meet a mysterious man with whom they discuss taking out Riva. And this man turns out to be Dr. Gregory aka Desna’s nice, gentlemanlike guy!

So here’s to hoping Season 2 is the same fiery roller coaster of drama that Season 1 was!