What is 'Twisted Sister' about? Plot of Lifetime movie explained

What is 'Twisted Sister' about? Plot of Lifetime movie explained
Mena Suvari and Joy Nash about to star in upcoming Lifetime movie, 'Twister Sister' (Mena Suvari/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'Twisted Sister,' a new Lifetime movie drama, is back. Patricia Frontain directs the film, while Stan Spry and Eric Scott Woods are its producers. The movie stars Mena Suvari as Emily and Joy Nash as Lily.

'Twisted Sister' premieres on Lifetime on Friday, March 24, 2023, at 8/7c and will be available to watch live the following day.


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What is the plot of ‘Twisted Sister’?

The narrative follows Emily, a brilliant public relations executive who appears to have it all — she runs her own business, comes from an affluent family, and has a lovely kid. Even couples therapy is going well, and her husband, Kyle, is set to return home. As a result, when a lady named Lily appears on Emily's doorstep, claiming to be her half-sister, Emily welcomes her with open arms. Kyle, on the other hand, begins to act strangely. Emily and her new sister get to know each other — they hang out, run errands together, and Emily even encourages Lily to start working at the business since after all, she is family. Emily is poisoned unexpectedly, and Kyle blames Lily. However, once Lily's DNA test results show a match, Emily suspects her husband is the perpetrator as their therapy sessions together have taken a drastic turn. Lily comes forward and reveals everything when Emily is at a loss as to who she can trust.

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 What is 'Twisted Sister' about? Plot of Lifetime movie explained