What is 'Somebody Somewhere' Season 2 about? Plot of HBO's dramedy explained

What is 'Somebody Somewhere' Season 2 about? Plot of HBO's dramedy explained
Bridget Everett and Jeff Hiller in 'Somebody Somewhere' (HBO)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Season 2 of HBO's comedy-drama 'Somebody Somewhere' returns, and Sam's journey to find herself and her voice in her hometown, where her struggles to fit in, continues. The comedy-drama portrays that, even though it might take a lot of effort for a person to fit in, as long as they're persistent, they can find the people they belong with and the voice they have always had.

The show for HBO was created by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen, and is produced by Shuli Harel. Bridget Everett, Carolyn Strauss, Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, Mel Eslyn, Hannah Bos, Paul Thureen, Patricia Breen, and Tyler Romary are the executive producers of the series.

The writing team for Season 2 includes the show's creators, Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen, along with Bridgette Everett, Lisa Kron, and Rachel Axler and the directors are Robert Cohen, Jay Duplass, and Lennon Parham.



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What is the plot of ‘Somebody Somewhere’ Season 2?

Sam, who moved back to her hometown to care for her dying sister, is now dealing with loss and acceptance as well as having difficulty settling in. The seven-episode series will display how Sam's journey to explore herself and her voice is possible if you're willing to make an effort.

Throughout the season, Sam, her friend Joel, and scientist Fred Rococo attempt to achieve their unrealized aspirations and broken dreams while also creating new ones. The audience will get to see where the characters’ newfound realizations and vigor take them going forward. The show provides individuals with optimism that the journey of discovering oneself is not limited by age.


Fans will also learn how the equation between Tricia (Sam’s sister), Rick (Sam’s ex-brother-in-law), and Charity (Tricia’s best friend) following the previous events.They will gain insight into how rehab works forSam's mother, Mary Jo, who is still struggling to do the necessary self-work to overcome the deepest, darkest parts of herself.

‘Somebody Somewhere’ Season 2 will premiere on April 23, 2023, with weekly episodes dropping every Sunday till May 28, 2023, on HBO. 

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 What is 'Somebody Somewhere' Season 2 about? Plot of HBO's dramedy explained