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What is 'Post.'? Netizens 'wait in line' for promising Twitter alternative that is in beta phase

‘Post’ has come to the attention of 'Twitter defectors' looking for a new online commons
(this is  photo illustration)
(this is photo illustration)

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Since Elon Musk became the social network's CEO, Twitter has seen a decline. Most recently, Musk has put the network's newly-implemented, paid verification strategy on hold after the platform was inundated with bogus accounts. More than 1.3 million members may have left the service already, and many more have been talking about switching to other online platforms.

‘Post Prod,' also called 'Post.' has come to the forefront of the discourse as defectors look for a new online commons. A recent social media entrant, Post. is getting a lot of attention from netizens as the Twitter alternative people have been looking for. This is after the initial craze for the Atlanta-based platform Mastodon as the 'Twitter alternative' abated a little when people realized that the platform's way of curating content kept many users away from exploring content posted outside their chosen 'interest' categories. Post. is now the next 'alternative' Twitter people are latching on to as they look for a platform people can share their news, thoughts and opinion. 

Noam Bardin, the brain behind Post., tweeted, "I've been working lately on the space between News & Social Media. I believe the future newspaper is the feed and want to make it more civil for users, profitable for publishers and better for society. If you care about these issues, join our beta @” 


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Now more netizens are now signing up for Post. and even promoting the platform via their Twitter handles. Even journalists like Kara Swisher are making the switch to Post.. One tweet read, "I’m here for good people, good conversation, and news. Since that seems to be in question now, this looks like an interesting alternative:" 


Another user wrote, "Maybe an acceptable twitter replacement. Gotta wait in line to get added and posting a link like this apparently helps your chances."


Kara Swisher wrote, "There are alternatives like Mastodon,, LinkedIn, Insta, TikTok, but they’re all different and is not easy to recreate your social network here elsewhere. In fact, you will not. Accept this. Btw Twitter is not going away either — it may just get suckier."


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