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What is Pamela Anderson’s net worth? Actress reveals Paramount wanted her to do ‘Baywatch' for free

Pamela Anderson revealed that there were 'Pamela clauses' in some of the licensing and syndication deals for the '90s series
UPDATED JAN 27, 2023
Pamela Anderson reveals how much she paid for her role in 'Baywatch' (Getty Images)
Pamela Anderson reveals how much she paid for her role in 'Baywatch' (Getty Images)

Pamela Anderson revealed how little she was getting paid for her role as lifeguard CJ Parker in the '90s hit series 'Baywatch' even after being such an integral part of the show. She also disclosed that the Paramount network wanted her to do the show for free. She now has a net worth of an estimated $20 million.

In an interview with Variety, she also revealed that the producers and stakeholders of the show made piles of money, especially after their deal with Amazon's Prime Video and she made nothing out of it. “I just didn’t have the representation back then. Or the know-how,” she said. 


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How much was Pamela Anderson’s salary on ‘Baywatch’?

Anderson disclosed her salary on 'Baywatch' and revealed that she was getting a mere $1,500 for the first season of the series. After the end of the first season, the show started to take off and she was making $300,000 per episode. But even that amount was nothing when compared to her co-star David Hasselhoff, who was also a producer of the show and had an ownership stake. Other producers, as well made a load of money when the series was added to Amazon’s Prime Video in 2019. “The producers of ‘Baywatch’ made a fortune,” the 55-year actress and former Playboy model said.

She also said that the producer of the 2017 'Baywatch movie' wanted her to do a cameo in the film for free. She said, "They said they wanted me to do it as a favor. I said, ‘I do favors for animals, not for Paramount.’ There was just so much bullying to do it. They wanted me to do it for free, as an homage or something. I said, ‘Come on, guys. I mean, really?'" 

Pamela played a pivotal role in the success of the hit series. Anderson revealed that there were “Pamela clauses” in some of the licensing and syndication deals for the '90s series. Many international broadcasters only wanted to buy 'Baywatch' episodes featuring her. A Barbie doll based on her iconic character also hit the market and ended up being a bestseller. Anderson claims, she didn’t see a penny. “You don’t realize when you’re doing a TV show that it’s going to be that popular, so you kind of sign your life away,” she said.

What is Pamela Anderson’s net worth in 2023?

Anderson now has an estimated net worth of $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The model was on the cover of Playboy magazine and was chosen Playmate of the month in February 1990. She was featured in the magazine numerous times after that. According to Women Health magazine, she now lives in Vancouver Island, Canada, and is a philanthropist with her own foundation which is dedicated to the human, animal, and environmental rights. Most recently, she made her Broadway debut in the musical 'Chicago'. Her memoir, 'Love, Pamela', and Netflix documentary is set to release on January 31, 2023. 

Internet trolls Pamela Anderson 

The Internet has trolled Anderson following her latest revelations. One Twitter user said, "I made almost no money working at Hinky Dinky grocery store when I was younger too. Join the club." One user said, "Unknown actress is shocked that she couldn't retire on first role." One user said, "not having any of it left and not making any are different things." Another user said, "Or does she mean she wasted most of the money she made?"





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