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What is Markiplier's real name? A glimpse into the life of one of YouTube's highest-paid stars

Markiplier gained popularity with his 'Let's Play' videos of games like 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' and 'Minecraft'
Markiplier's project 'In Space With Markiplier' was recently nominated at the 2022 Children's and Family Emmy Awards (Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Markiplier's project 'In Space With Markiplier' was recently nominated at the 2022 Children's and Family Emmy Awards (Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Asian American YouTuber Markiplier, 33, joined YouTube in 2012 with the intent to post sketch comedy, where he would play all the characters. This is what led to the coinage of 'Markiplier', a blend of words 'Mark' and 'multiplier'. Markiplier later gained popularity with his 'Let's Play' videos of horror games like 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' and other popular games like 'Minecraft'. Now, he has around 34.3 million subscribers on the platform.

Apart from being a YouTuber, Markiplier is also the co-founder of the clothing company Cloak, with fellow YouTuber Jacksepticeye and a co-host of the 'Distractible' podcast. He also co-hosted the now-defunct Unus Annus channel. In his decade-long career as a content creator, Markiplier has managed to amass 19 billion views in total. One of his projects 'In Space With Markiplier' was recently nominated at the 2022 Children's and Family Emmy Awards.


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What is Markiplier's real name?

Markiplier's real name is Mark Edward Fischbach, though he is now better known through his internet moniker.

Who are Markiplier's parents?

Markiplier, who was born Mark Edward Fischbach in Honolulu, Hawaii, started making videos when he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. His parents divorced when he was young. His father Cliffton Fischbach, who died in 2008, was from Louisville, Kentucky, while his mother, Sunok Frank, fondly called 'Momiplier' by his fans, is originally from North Korea, as reported by the Insider. Frank's family fled to South Korea in the 1950s, during the Korean war. Cliffton, who served in the US military, met Frank when he was stationed in South Korea. His mother has appeared in several of his videos.

Sunok Frank also known as 'Momiplier' has appeared in several videos posted by Markiplier (Markiplier/YouTube)

One of the highest-paid YouTube stars

Markiplier successfully made it to the Forbes list of the highest-paid YouTube stars along with names like MrBeast and Jake Paul. Ranked third in the list, Markiplier reportedly raked in $38 million in 2021, doubling his earnings since the previous list. The increase has been attributed to strong sales from T-shirts, hoodies, and other items tied to his Unus Annus series.

Unus Annus, 'The Edge of Sleep', and other ventures

Unus Annus

In 2019, Markiplier launched a new channel with fellow YouTuber Ethan Nestor, also known as CrankGameplays, called Unus Annus, a channel which planned to upload a video every day for one year, after which the channel would be deleted along with all the videos. The channel quickly rose to success and gained around 4.5 million followers, but following a final 12-hour live stream that peaked at over 1.5 million concurrent viewers, Markiplier and Nestor deleted it on November 14, 2020, as reported by Newsweek. Explaining why the channel was deleted, Markiplier said, "I just wanted to make something that was so good and fun that it would make it as hard as possible to let go of." He added, "That feeling for me was important, and it was important for people to realize that that feeling is important; and having proper ends for things on YouTube, or whatever internet platform you have, is important. Because so many things end without a proper end, and it's sad to see things fade away."

'The Edge of Sleep'

In 2021, Markiplier filmed a television adaptation of 'The Edge of Sleep', a post-apocalyptic thriller that he initially dramatized as a podcast in 2019. However, according to Forbes, the TV project hasn't been sold yet. Markiplier hopes to sell the series to a company like Netflix or Hulu. 


In 2018, Markiplier announced the launch of a new fashion brand called Cloak, a joint venture with Jacksepticeye, as reported by Complex. The brand was envisioned and launched as a gamer-focused athleisure line distinct from their personal merchandise. The brand has even released collaborations with Mojang Studios, Five Nights at Freddy's, and The Oregon Trail. In 2020, fellow YouTuber and streamer Pokimane joined Cloak as a partner and creative director.

Who is Markiplier's girlfriend?

Markiplier's girlfriend, Amy Nelson, 28, is a graphic designer and animator from Cincinnati, Ohio. The couple began dating in 2015 and confirmed their relationship in 2016, as reported by Legit.  Nelson, who is also known as 'Peebles' on the internet, currently resides in Los Angeles. Although she tries to lead a low-key life, she frequently features in the videos of her boyfriend.