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What is Kristallnacht? CompassCare CEO makes STRANGE claim as pro-life center firebombed

Jim Harden also called out NY Governor Kathy Hochul for safeguarding pro-abortion clinics as the overturning of Roe v Wade by SC is expected soon
CompassCare's CEO Jim Harden made bizzare statement after arson at a center (LinkedIn and CompassCare)
CompassCare's CEO Jim Harden made bizzare statement after arson at a center (LinkedIn and CompassCare)

BUFFALO, NEW YORK: The CEO of a pro-life organization called CompassCare located in a suburb of Buffalo, New York, has made a strange comment after its building was reportedly attacked and firebombed. Calling the assault “pro-abortion Kristallnacht”, Jim Harden also called out New York Governor Kathy Hochul for apparently safeguarding pro-abortion clinics as the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v Wade is expected to come out soon.

Taking to Facebook, the anti-abortion Buffalo pregnancy center wrote on Tuesday, June 7: “Early this morning police and firefighters responded to smoke at CompassCare’s Buffalo office. The building was firebombed. The windows in the reception room and nurses’ office were broken and fires lit. Graffiti on the building left by the arsonists refers to the abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge reading, ‘Jane Was Here.’”


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It also added, “The organization vowed more of the same in other states as the Supreme Court Decision reversing Roe v. Wade nears and have been promoting to their followers what they have dubbed a ‘Night of Rage.’”


The statement from CompassCare slamming Hochul noted, “Ironically, New York’s Governor not only ignored the violence but instead earmarked $35 million in tax payer funds to increase security at abortion clinics. Adding insult to injury the New York legislature passed a bill investigating pro-life pregnancy centers precisely because they do not perform abortions.”

Besides, Harden called the attack “the pro-abortion Kristallnacht”. He stated: “This is the pro-abortion Kristallnacht. Because of this act of violence, the needs of women facing unplanned pregnancy will go unmet and babies will die. I wonder if Gov. Hochul will veto the Pregnancy Center Investigation Bill? I wonder if Attorney General Letitia James will investigate these cowardly criminals? CompassCare will rebuild because women deserve better. CompassCare will not stop serving because pre-born boys and girls deserve protection.”

What is Kristallnacht?

According to United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s website, Kristallnacht refers to a terrorizing incident that unfolded on the night of November 9, 1938, when “violent anti-Jewish demonstrations broke out across Germany, Austria, and the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia. Nazi officials depicted the riots as justified reactions to the assassination of German foreign official Ernst vom Rath, who had been shot two days earlier by Herschel Grynszpan, a 17-year old Polish Jew distraught over the deportation of his family from Germany.”

It has been said that nearly “7,500 Jewish-owned businesses, homes, and schools were plundered, and 91 Jews were murdered. An additional 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps.”

Meanwhile, reports have said that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent warning against violence before CompassCare was vandalized. The DHS reportedly said, “Given a high-profile U.S. Supreme Court case about abortion rights, individuals who advocate both for and against abortion have, on public forums, encouraged violence, including against government, religious, and reproductive healthcare personnel and facilities, as well as those with opposing ideologies.”

Besides, a National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin added on Tuesday, June 7: “Threat actors have recently mobilized to violence due to factors such as personal grievances, reactions to current events, and adherence to violent extremist ideologies, including racially or ethnically motivated or anti-government/antiauthority violent extremism.”

Following the incident, a probe has been initiated by Amherst police, who are reportedly investigating it as an act of arson. Brian Kulpa, Amherst town supervisor, said: “With reports that this fire was set intentionally, I am disgusted that lives were put at risk,” before adding: “A violent response is never the answer. There is no place in Amherst for such attacks. Amherst police are working with our partners to continue its investigation to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.”