Are 'mondongo' and 'menudo' the same? Cardi B's favorite cow tripe dish has fans debating the delicacy's name

Are 'mondongo' and 'menudo' the same? Cardi B's favorite cow tripe dish has fans debating the delicacy's name
Cardi B didn't mention her dish's name (Instagram/Cardi B)

Cardi B uses Instagram not only to post her music but also to make people laugh with her many shenanigans. For instance, her coronavirus rant video or her smoking three cigarettes together during the elections last year. Cardi also posts the most mouth-watering food on her stories that instantly becomes one of the most searched terms on the Internet for the next few hours. Continuing with what is a tradition for her now, Cardi once again posted about her favorite food that she was quite excited about. 

Cardi didn't mention its name but posted the same video on her Twitter page with the caption, "Who likes this besides me? I got it from my dad." A lot of people were confused as to what the honeycomb resembling bite-sized pieces were in the curry. However, Cardi B's Dominican followers came through with the answers, and it turns out the dish Cardi was talking about is called Mondongo. 


What is Mondongo?

According to Dominican Cooking's website, Mondongo soup is made of tripe, an inconspicuous name for cow, pig, or goat intestines that resemble a honeycomb-like pattern. Tripe is one of the most popular edible innards globally and it is considered as a delicacy in Dominican cooking and is usually boiled or stewed. Mondongo is the name for tripe in Dominican Spanish culture. The website compares the texture of tripe that is also known as chitterlings in some parts of the USA, to a worn rubber bicycle tire.

The dish is generally prepared in former Spanish colonies in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Philippines. Cardi B's father whose name is unknown but many suggest it's Carlos Almanzar is of Dominican descent and Mondongo is widely popular from where he hails from and that is where Cardi inherited her love for it. 

Cardi B eating chicken feet on her Instagram page sometime in 2019 (Instagram/ Cardi B)

What is Menudo?

Mondongo is generally translated as menudo in Mexican Spanish, but there are slight regional differences. In Mexican cuisine, Menudo is made with cow tripe in broth with a red chili pepper base.

Cardi B eating the Nigerian Jollof sometime in 2019 (Instagram/Cardi B)

So was Cardi B eating Mondongo or Menudo?

Like many other people on the Internet, Cardi B too was educated about the name of the delicacy. "I never Hurd of it call that way ...cow tripe to me," she wrote in response to a fan who said, "That's Menudo girl." 


While there's a section of people who know that Menudo and Mondongo are more or less the same thing, the majority of Cardi's fans are divided and are arguing that it is either/or. "Sopa de Mondongo definitely not Menudo, I see no hominy in sight," wrote a fan. "You’re right everyone else is dead ass wrong, I Googled this shit...The pics look the same for mondongo as @iamcardib video. Menudo looks totally different and has a red sauce," wrote another fan in response to another who claimed that the dish was the Dominican Mondongo. "That’s not menudo that mondongo. All these mfs underneath judging another cultures food and never even tried it," read another tweet. 

Cardi B mock crying into her cereal while craving sushi during an IG live on March 25, 2020 (Instagram/Cardi B)




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