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What is Amy Slaton's net worth? ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ star rakes in extra money from YouTube and Cameo videos

Amy Slaton has built a massive following on her YouTube channel, with over 520,000 subscribers
Amy Slaton in '1000-Lb Sisters’ Season 4 trailer (TLC)
Amy Slaton in '1000-Lb Sisters’ Season 4 trailer (TLC)

DIXON, KENTUCKY: After months of anticipation, TLC is finally set to release '1000-Lb Sisters' Season 4. This much-loved show, starring sisters Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton, has been captivating viewers ever since its debut. The two sisters have amazed and inspired several with their courage and determination to overcome a shared weight of 1,000 lbs. Now in Season 4, fans of the show are eager to follow their inspiring journey of weight loss and personal growth.

With every season, the show has only garnered more popularity, and now the fourth season of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ is all set to premiere on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at 9 pm ET/PT. And with the show's growing popularity, the show’s stars, Tammy and Amy, have also experienced an increase in fame. The two have garnered a massive fanbase as well as an income that only skyrockets further with their fame. So for those who are curious about Amy Slaton’s net worth, you have come to the right place. Here are the details about how much the mother of two makes.


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What is Amy Slaton's net worth?

Amy's years of hard work and dedication have paid off, as she now has an impressive net worth of $250,000 from appearing on the TLC show, according to Market Realist. She has also built a massive following on her YouTube channel, with over 520,000 subscribers. If that wasn't enough, she also has the opportunity to make extra money by doing “Cameo” for her fans - a personalized video message for $20. With all these great opportunities, it's clear that Amy is making the most of her success.

Amy and Tammy have yet to reveal their earnings per episode of the show, but it is thought that the amount may be comparable to that of other reality TV stars. Business Insider says, “For those docu-ensembles, especially if they’re nobodies, per episode it (salary) ranges from low-end, like $1,500 an episode, to $3,000 at the high end.” It was also noted that after three years of success, salaries of reality TV stars can go up to $7,000 to $10,000 an episode, and celebrities start to move into the “Kardashian level.”

Watch the trailer below:


Catch Amy Slaton in the new season of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ set to premiere on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at 9 pm ET/PT on TLC.